Tricorn Black Front Door

The entryway was in need of a statement. Sure, the color-blocked wall helps, but it needed something bold and tall to add a little “oomph” to the space. To be honest, I’ve had dreams of adding a black modern cabinet to store coats and the like, but it hit me that painting the front door would have an equally dramatic effect.

Tricorn Black Door

If you recall, here was the same space with the white door. It’s good, it’s just a little flat.

Entryway Progress

And now, with the newly painted door.

Tricorn Black Door

Tricorn Black Door

Total cost? ZERO. We’ve got several leftover cans of paint in the basement thanks to the previous owner (so grateful for that!), including a very full can of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. It’s exterior paint too, which means it should hold up nicely.

I’m not at all finished with the door. Next up: hardware. I’m going to swap out that pesky nickel/silver deadbolt for something a little more stylish, as well as polish up the antique brass doorknob, plate and hinges. As far as deadbolt options, I’ve been waffling between a couple of options:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.12.19 PM

Who knew dead bolts could be so darn handsome? I found the third one on Walmart’s website, believe it or not.

And you can’t tell in the above photos, but I filled in a gaping hole in the door left from a long-defunct second deadbolt. You can sort of see it in the photo below—it’s that small hole between the deadbolt and the doorknob. I just stuffed the hole with wood filler, smoothed, sanded, painted and called it a day. The door is looking much less raggedy now. We’ll see how the wood filler holds up.  Tricorn Black Door The brass mail slot is looking much cuter now against the dark paint, too.

More coming soon!



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