The Mirror Of My Dreams Becomes A Reality

By April 24, 2017Room Makeovers

Back in May of 2016, I was in the throws of the entryway makeover. I was on the hunt for a ginormous mirror and stumbled across this one from One Kings Lane. I absolutely loved it, but as I mentioned in my Instagram post (below), it was a little too wide and way too expensive ($450 before taxes and shipping). I put it in my mental “Dream Decor” file in my brain and went on my way.

Fast forward to February of this year. Lo and behold, check out what was awaiting me at our local discount furniture place. Despite it being just short of 5′ tall, I nearly missed it! I walked right past it at first as it was off in the lonely “damaged” corner of the store, with a giant sofa in front of it.

It was pretty banged up, with damaged corners, but the mirror itself looked great and I absolutely loved the gold color of the frame. And did I mention it was huge? Huge things that I can actually afford are hard to come by these days—I just wrote a whole post about living in a house that seems to require big-everything. So yes, I bought it! Not without a little haggling of course. I got it for $140! (Hey, it never hurts to ask and he didn’t seem too offended with my lowball offer. I think the mirror had been there for awhile…)

I tried to bring it home right then, but my attempt to stuff it in the truck of my Honda Accord was laughable. Aaron returned the next day to pick it up, although I had failed to mention that it was absolutely giant and weighed around 80 lbs. Here’s his reaction of that. Oops. 🙂

Now it was time to hang the thing… and where?! I first thought maybe the first floor, just because I hate to hide the pretty mirror away, but Aaron reminded me of another space—the master bedroom. Our master bedroom is on our to-do list for this year (it’s so, so bad), and this mirror is just one piece of the puzzle. I used this picture hanging trick to get it perfectly mounted without measuring, and as luck would have it, we struck studs at both anchor points. To keep it extra secure, we used lag screws (a bolt/screw hybrid) and heavy duty D-rings to hang it.

Zig Zag Dream Mirror in Master Bedroom

Now, back to the damaged corners.

Zig Zag Dream Mirror in Master Bedroom

Zig Zag Dream Mirror in Master Bedroom

The mirror frame is made of a thick fiberboard, wrapped in a thin, gold overlay of some sort. I’d imagine all the transportation and handling of this mirror on its journey from warehouse, to full retail, to discount warehouse left it pretty banged up. These two corners (above) were the worst of it. I didn’t have the perfect solution, but I came up with a pretty good one—Rub ‘n Buff, which is essentially gold-colored wax. I had it leftover from this DIY where I made a simple white mirror look like it had campaign-style bracket on its corners. (I can’t believe that was four years ago!)

Zig Zag Dream Mirror in Master Bedroom

Here’s the after… the gold isn’t a perfect match, but good enough! I also like that the texture of the gold wax is similar to the original finish.

Zig Zag Dream Mirror in Master Bedroom

Zig Zag Dream Mirror in Master Bedroom

It’s helped breathed a little bit of life into the decor of this otherwise boring space… we’re getting there!

Have you had any great bargain finds lately? These are the things that I’ll hold on to forever!



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