The Covington House

I lived in this home from 2008 to 2014 and it was a fantastic 7 years! The house was built in 1914, completely rehabbed in 2007 and purchased by me in April 2008. The full house-buying story is here. The house is a brick one-story, two bedroom, one bath house and comes in right at 900 square feet. We still own this house (Im too attached) and its now a rental.

Lets take a house tour shall we?


Here it was a few days after moving in.

And here it now, after installing a front flower bed, installing hanging planters on the porch, and spraying my gifted lawn jockey a bright white.

Up on the front porch, we havent done too much. The addition of the modern house numbers has been the biggest change, weve painted the front door black and painted the front porch.


The living room is the first room you enter from outside.

This room has been through so many changes, even just to the wall color! First it was beige (the wall color at closing), then pea green, then black and now a soft white. And at one point, the only thing this room housed was a hammock! Swear! Its finally in a better place. There are some great finds in this room. We purchased the lime green sofa at an estate sale, the white and gold dresser is a Lane cedar chest I found in my aunts barn(!) (that I later painted) and the convex gold federal mirror is a treasure a Tennessee reader obtained for me, after I blogged about my desire for one. That made my YEAR.

IKEAs BILLY bookcases were purchased (such an old post please forgive me!) for this room to house all of our trinkets. They tend to get a little unwieldy after a few months of quickly stashing away items, so Ive been known to pull everything out, de-clutter and re-adjust.

Standing next to the TV, facing the other way, reveals the doorways to the office (that door on the right) and the master bedroom (the larger door on the left.) The chalkboard wall (what home in 2013 didnt have one!?) said, Will you marry me? Its how Aaron proposed in May 2012 and well, after that, it didnt seem right for any other message. I ended up painting over it after our wedding. It made for some awkward encounters with the pizza delivery man.

The living room is lit by the giant Edison light from Pottery Barn. Its one of my favorite home decor pieces that will be coming with us to every house we may live in the future. Although repairing those holes in the ceiling are going to be a b**ch, youre worth it Edison!


I put master in quotes, because were still getting used to utilizing this room as a bedroom. You see, for many years, it was the living room before the big floorplan switch of 2011-2012. Anyways, it started here, on closing day.

There was a big undertaking in early 2013 to de-IKEA the bedroom. First, I sprayed the overhead IKEA pendant a copper-y color and then I added PANYL vinyl texture (in a color called Stone Linen) to the fronts of the drawers.


At the back of the house is the kitchen. One of the first things I did upon moving in was paint the kitchen black. It remained that way for quite some time. It goes without saying that a makeover was much needed

The wallpaper is a frequent source request. Its Blackbird by Cavern Home.

We had a looming magazine shoot deadline for this project that kept us on track and moving fast. Theres nothing better than good motivation!


The laundry room is located right off the kitchen, behind the right of the refrigerator. It is so nice to have a first floor laundry after years of trudging into a dark basement! One of my favorite parts of the house!This was one of the first rooms to get a makeover. I think because it was small and easy to manage. We painted the cabinets, added a curtain backsplash to hide the ugly hook-ups,painted stripes on a shade, and coated the walls my favorite grey: Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart Living.

Hooks and places for hanging were also essential in this space! We hung a clothesline (which doubles as a Polaroid wire when theres nothing to hang dry), some striped wall hooks and a mirror from PB Teen.


The office is currently being worked on, and were making progress! Heres where started.

Since then, weve taken this room a little further. This room is teeny tiny, so lots of work has been done to trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than what is really is. The desk was stained a darker color to blend better into the wall and the closet trim and doors along the black wall were painted the same color as the walls themselves.

In January 2014, we added the final layer to make this space truly function as an office. With the most recent addition of the CB2 Lubi daybed and lamps and printers (oh my!), this office is finally the work horse space we wanted in the first place. This post (with before and after pics) is perhaps the best resource for this space, as it provides links in chronological order of the project process. All of the details are there!


The bathroom is your standard toilet + shower/tub stall combination! It has two doors, making it a Jack and Jill bathroom between the two bedrooms. When I closed on the house, it looked like this.

At first, the bathroom took a severe detour into Blik-town, but now its featuring Beware the Moons ostrich wallpaper. Ostrich wallpaper is a hilarious descriptor because it results in the strangest looks from people. What kind of wallpaper? Like, as in, birds? You can read about this room and find links to all of the DIY projects here.