The Arrival of Otto Richard!

By April 21, 2017The Brothers May

Otto's Birth Story

Otto Richard May

March 17, 2017

9:07 am

9 lbs 3 oz

21.5″ long

Oh Otto! What a wild ride you have taken us on. Wild, but awesome and blessed and yes, crazy and all of those fun things that happen when you add a newborn to an already chaotic house! We are so happy you are finally here… we’ve been waiting for you!

Otto's Birth Story

The days leading up to Otto’s birthday were full of uncertainty. This whole “wait for baby… who knows when/where I will go into labor” was an entirely new ballgame for me. With the twins, I was on hospital bedrest leading up to their arrival, so I was literally steps away from where I needed to be day and night, surrounded by professionals. But with Otto? Shoot…  I had no idea! I had a silly, irrational fear that I’d get stuck, blocked in by cars on all sides, in a fast food drive thru lane. Or what if it was in the middle of the night? What would we do with the boys?

Otto's Birth Story

But of course, it all worked out. I had been feeling pretty good all day on the eve of his birth, minus some belly discomfort, which I chalked up to my pants being too tight (ha!). I left work a little early to get my hair done… an appointment I never thought I would make being 38w5d along. (By the way, can I just say how awesome it felt to be able to go full term with this kid!?). We finished my hair and as I was signing the credit card receipt, I felt my water break. I knew instantly what it was… and thank goodness I had a long coat on that day.

The nurses took one look at me when I arrived and deadpanned, “Yup, that’s a rupture” and admitted me. I’m glad they were calm, because I wasn’t! I realized about halfway through the triage process that I may have gone to the hospital too soon (you know, these things take awhile) but for whatever reason, we were all convinced it was go time. And it sorta was… in about 16 hours. Aaron showed up 90 minutes later… he had been with the boys waiting for my parents to arrive (they flew down the interstate from Indiana).

I labored throughout that night… all I wanted to do was walk. It was the only thing that felt good. I must have worn a path in the floor, going round and round, with Aaron at my side to lean on when the contractions hit. (Aaron continues to be the best birth coach, ever. Who needs a doula?) Finally, around 6 am, I asked for the epidural. I was about 5-6 cm at this point and ready for some help. There’s some sick part of me that likes to feel the pain, to know the pain, for as long as I can stand it. But then I’m all about some relief so I can focus on the pushing, enjoy the process and be present for his arrival.

Otto's Birth Story

The active labor part was very similar to the twins. Little boy was ready to arrive, because after just a few pushes/minutes, he was here. The relief I felt… that immediate lift of worry/anxiety/questions/uncertainty… was lifted when I saw his beautiful face. The best moments of my life are seeing my boys for the first time, and watching Aaron see our boys too. I loved my doctor… she is all about being present… and I distinctly remember her saying “Look at him!” as he was being born. I didn’t take my eyes off of him for hours. Also, Aaron watched the whole thing this time around and you should have seen his face! A mix between wonderment and pure terror.

Otto's Birth Story

And unlike the twins, I didn’t have to leave my sweet boy there at that hospital. He was by my side always… something you notice when you’ve done the NICU thing in the past. We stayed for two nights after he was born, which I was originally against, but I needed the rest. And I needed time to be skin-to-skin with my boy as we waited for my milk to come in. The big boys came to see us, with my parents, at the hospital on Saturday and it was amazing. Aaron got them each a Big Brother balloon from the gift shop, which was the best distraction for two excited toddlers. Teller and Nixon did so well with him at that first meeting and continue to do so well with little brother. They are loving, yet curious. They touch his nose, eyes, feet… examining them as closely as I did when he first arrived. They could say his name immediately, “Ah-TOE!” and Aaron and I have since adopted the super cute pronunciation.

Otto's Birth Story

Otto's Birth Story

Otto is one-month old already, if you can believe it. I know time will escape us faster than it ever has, so I’ve been trying to stay in the moment and soak up every ounce of this newborn phase. We’re still trying to figure out our routine and getting to know our little man. Right now, my main goal is to make sure everyone feels loved and cared for. The twins and I have special time together each night, just like we’ve always had, whether it’s me reading to them or playing with cars, and that has helped tremendously with the transition.

That’s all for now! Welcome to this world Otto!



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