Teller and Nixon’s One Year Update

By May 27, 2016The Brothers May

This Teller and Nixon update is long overdue! Here’s the last update. My boys actually turn 14 months old today, but I’ve learned in the baby world, two months is actually just 5 minutes long. I’m worried I’ll finish this sentence and end up at their preschool graduation. Craziness.

So, the big milestone happened. My sweet baby boys had their first big birthday. I shared their Miffy birthday party details already, but this post has been so much more fun to write. On the morning of their first birthday before the Easter craziness started (yep, same day!), I got out the good camera and captured them in their natural habitat: at breakfast in their TMNT pjs, in their high chairs, stuffing breakfast into their mouths.

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

 Teller’s 12-Month Update

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Teller’s Stats at 12-Month Appointment

Weight: 19.64 lbs (15th percentile)

Height: 29.5″ (23rd percentile)

Head: 19.25″ (97th percentile)

Diaper Size: 4

Clothing Size: 18 months

Teeth: Just 2 on the bottom! (Although now he has 6!)

Nicknames: TT, Teller Man, Teller Feller, Bubba, TT Glenn

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Personality: So far, Teller is a classic “sweet and sour” kid. He comes in for the attack via a slap or hair pull, but then follows up with a hug and a kiss, which is intensely entertaining to all of us. He’s most like his momma—not a morning person, has perfected an “icy stare,” is shy around new people, takes a few minutes in a new setting to observe and then he dives right in. He’s rotates between being fiercely independent to super clinger baby. He gives exceptional kisses. Mouth open, tongue out and head back. I swear he learned that from the dog and not me. Ha!

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Sleep: Teller is our rockstar sleeper. He’s the first one to fall asleep and the last one to wake up. This boy has been sleeping through the night since he was 9 weeks old, and it takes a bad cold or intense teething to throw him off his game. He loves to belly sleep (always has) and recently, has enjoyed the luxury of a toddler pillow I’ve added to his crib. We’ve rocked him to sleep since day one, but just recently he’s shown signs of wanting to self-soothe. It makes me super sad to not have that rocking time with him each night, but he’s just not as comfortable in our arms as he used to be. Belly down, butt up in his crib is how he likes to fall asleep these days. (Sob.)

Food: This boy eats like a full grown adult. As soon as food hits the tray, he shoves it into his mouth as fast as humanly possible. If it weren’t for some interference from mom and dad, Teller would gladly play a game of Chubby Bunny every meal. It’s a symptom of being a twin… got to eat it fast so brother can’t get to it first. No real food aversions yet. He’s 100% table food at this point and he eats whatever we eat. We let him try everything, from spicy Indian to sautéed mushrooms, etc. He’s on all-whole milk this point, too, in sippies except for his morning baba.

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Words: Mama, Dada, Baa!, Moo, Mo (More). He’s also an excellent signer—milk, more, please, stop, thank you are his faves. I can’t take credit for the sign language skills. Daycare initiated it, we reinforce it at home and it has been great for us in figuring out quickly what he needs/wants. 

Loves: We call Teller our personal furniture mover. He loves scooting furniture (his high chair, the kitchen chairs, the bar stools) around the room. He’s not full-on walking yet, but man, he excels at moving stuff around the house. He loves clapping, making sheep sounds, blowing kisses, fake biting, screeching at full volume, swinging on the porch, riding in the stroller, pulling brother’s hair, chasing Biggie (our chihuahua) and climbing anything.

Dislikes: His car seat, diaper changes, sitting in grass, being put down, two types of penicillin (so allergic!), outfit changes, getting his face washed, and more recently… bath time. Sigh.

Nixon’s 12-Month Update

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update
Nixon’s Stats at 12-Month Appointment

Weight: 21.4 lbs (42nd percentile)

Height: 30.25″ (52nd percentile)

Head: 19.5″ (99th percentile)

Diaper Size: 4

Clothing Size: 18 months

Teeth: 5! Two on the top (came in first), then two on the bottom, followed by a top front molar

Nicknames: Nicky, Nicky Ray Ray, Nix, Nicky Nix, Bubba

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Personality: Nixon is our sweet, sensitive and outgoing little thing. He plays for a few minutes, then comes back to mom or dad for a quick cuddle before he moves on to the next thing. He’s silly and loves to play tricks and games. His favorite is offering to share a toy, then pulling back just as you’re about to grab it. He’s got jokes! He’s inquisitive and loves to study the details (like textures and pictures on a page) on nearly everything he picks up. He’s a morning person. As soon as he’s up, he’s all smiles and ready to take on the day. He’s a ham in group settings—the more eyes on him the better. He loves his brother with hugs and sharing, but brother loves him back with pokes and slaps. It’s sweet (but a little heartbreaking!).

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Sleep: I really can’t complain too much about Nixon’s sleeping habits. He, too, has been sleeping pretty solidly since he was 9-10 weeks old. He needs some help getting settled in at night (Aaron or I going up a few times to rub his back or sing him a song), but once he’s settled, he’s out. Relatedly, he’s not nearly on board with the self-soothing thing, so we are still rocking him to sleep most nights. He is an early riser, oh my goodness. This boy is ready to rock at 5:30 – 6 am daily. Sleeping in until 7 am is a luxury these days.

Food: This child is an excellent eater, but his favorite thing is flinging his food around the room ape-style before he’s ready to dive in and eat. Every. single. time. Ha! Also on 100% table food, this guy loves hot dogs, pasta, mushrooms, broccoli, mangos and bananas. He’s a bit slow to finish his food, taking time to study every other piece before gobbling it down. He can have everything except strawberries, which make him a little rash-y.

Words: Mama, Dada, Moo, Uh Oh, Sta (Stop). He’s also great at sign language, particularly milk and more. His signs are always accompanied by his awesome, super toothy grin. Top and bottom teeth out, as wide as he can go, and with his eyes scrunched up. It’s the best.

Loves: Anything paper, the stairs, bath time, pulling out grass blades, flipping the dog’s water bowl, squeezing himself into tight spaces, shutting doors, the dog’s crate and playing cars.

Dislikes: Getting toys taken from him, diaper changes, being patient for food and riding with the car window down.

Together, they are quite the dynamic duo. I’m so jealous of their twindom. I imagine it’s pretty awesome to have a best friend with you every step of the way, every day. Do they fight? Ohhhh yes. A lot! But despite the wrestling and the slapping, they stick so close to each other throughout the day. I can almost see their little brains working together. It’s a really cool thing to be a part of.

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update

Teller and Nixon's One Year Update


For Aaron and I, it felt like a huge accomplishment to survive one full year with twins. We did it! And it’s really hard, but also really rewarding. I could go into a whole post on lessons these babies have taught us… another day!




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