Teller and Nixon’s 2.5 Year Update

By November 27, 2017The Brothers May

Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

Teller and Nixon turned 2.5 years old on September 27, and now they are closer to 3 than they are to two. Wah! It has been so bittersweet to see them grow and change. On one hand, it has been so fun to be a big part of their world as they discover it (and they’re hilarious!) and on the other hand, I’m starting to realize how quickly time will truly fly.

When I last shared their update on the 2nd birthday, we were getting a much-needed break from the firestorm that was two 18-month olds. 18 months up to two years was HARD for us! I don’t miss those days AT ALL. And we felt so smug at the big 2-year milestone, because things got so much better. A little more rational, a lot more calm and just generally a whole lot of fun. Plus, their language really exploded and they turned into little hilarious humans.

And here we are six months later. You guys… these two and a half year olds are no joke. Lack of reason, plus stubbornness, plus loads of energy, plus opinions, plus big personalities, plus newfound independence equals a whole lot of CHAOS! We are pulling every trick out of our hats to keep everyone from imploding, Aaron and I included. Oh, and did I mention we also have an 8-month old? CHAOS!

Through all of this I have realized the true importance of a team with Aaron and I. We watch each others’ backs. We use code words, like “purple JanSport” (long story lol) and “I’m empty” to communicate when one of us needs to step away. We put the kids in daycare and take staycations when we need them. We say “no” to a lot of events and outings in an effort to keep our mental “reserves” above ground level. We eat off paper plates and we order everything online. Some weekends are only outings are going to the grocery store and playing outside. True survival mode.

I always get nervous to be “real” here, for fear people will suspect we are less than grateful or just impatient parents. Neither of those are true—we have enough patience these days to fill an arena! Just a reminder that we are real and in a hard season of life, and despite how glossy my Instagram or blog might look, there are always challenges and hard days.

NOW, let’s get to the positive stuff shall we? Despite all of the chaos and the mess, our favorite place to be without a doubt is at home with our boys. They are our people, our humans and our tribe. We are them, and they are us in a way. One of the most positive things about the personalities and opinions and words(!!) that comes with 2.5 year olds is the truly hilarious and heart-filled moments. They are so, so funny and crazy smart. And are growing by leaps and bounds every day.


Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

Teller’s favorite phrase these days is, “What’s that???!!” For hours, he will point to something, ask “What’s that??” and wait for the answer. It is my favorite game, and truly I would play this game for hours if I could. He’s always very interested in the answers, will repeat them back to me and then move on to the next. I have to be careful how I answer—one day I said “butt” instead of “bottom” and the next day, when we were wanting him to go upstairs for a bath, he yelled, “kiss my butt!” I tried to be stern when correcting him, but honestly I wanted to laugh right with him.

Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

This boy is a rule follower. And so BOSSY. He wants everyone to stay in line, follow instructions and this child has deemed himself the enforcer of these rules and regulations. “Stop!” “Right here!” “Come here now!” “Don’t touch!” “Mine!” are some of his favorite commands. His poor brother must feel like he’s rooming with a drill sergeant.

This was Teller and Nixon commanding the cars as they drove past. They are hanging out in their second favorite spot—grandpa’s truck!


Teller has some great facial features—he loves to roll his eyes, stick out his lips and cross his arms–and uses this expression to greet his family, teachers and friends. He also does the cutest eye roll when you compliment him and quickly buries his face. The best!

He’s very big into Otto right now, and is generally the best helper. He pats Otto if Otto is upset, holds his hand while he watches TV and likes to help me carry Otto into his classroom every morning.


Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update



Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

The above photo was a little date we went on after his first dentist appointment. He fell off a chair and smacked his upper teeth hard on our metal dining room table. It was so terrible! He did so amazing for the dentist. He laid with me in the dentist chair and opened his mouth as wide as he could for the dentist as she poked around. Luckily no permanent damage to speak of, but need to keep an eye out for dying teeth. We went out for ice cream to celebrate and it was so nice to get one-on-one time with him. This is something that we’ve been trying to do more of with both of the older kids and it is the highlight of everyone’s week.

Favorite foods: “cake” (granola bars lol), animal crackers, Chipotle rice, berries, hot dogs, turkey lunch meat, chocolate milk, pink water (water with a little bit of pink lemonade flavoring)

Likes: Lightning McQueen, toy cars, racing around the house, building forts, finding a pile of stuff on the floor then yelling “mess!!!” and walking away (LOL!), coloring, stacking blocks, passing out toys to friends, marching

Dislikes: Baths (Aaron accidentally turned the shower head on when they were taking a bath and now he’s so nervous!), sharing, veggies



This boy is a TRIP! He gives us whiplash… one minute he’s driving us up the walls and the next he makes us melt. It’s so hard to stay mad at him. He tries SO HARD. He is a sensitive boy and the thought of mom and dad mad at him is really upsetting to him. He hates being put in timeout (which honestly, keeps it effective for us). He has a hard time with authority. We want him to go left and he goes right. We say up, he goes down. We say no, he says yes. Every day, all day. For him, rules are meant to be broken.

Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

His saving grace is his compassion, affection and tenderheartedness. When he shows you his sweet side, it’s the greatest. His hugs are so sincere and big it makes me cry. The way he runs to me at school pickup is the best part of my day. He gives the best kisses. He is careful and loving with Baby Otto.

Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update

FullSizeRender 2


Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update


Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update


Nixon’s Favorite Foods: salad, hot dogs, Otto’s puree pouches, green beans, apple sauce, Cheez its,

Nixon’s Likes: Cars, building forts, riding on his Zebra toy, picking petals off flowers, finding “bugs”, cats, watching squirrels outside, being carried, playing horse, Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Buzz Lightyear, washing hands, going potty, when mom sleeps in his crib (lol yes this happens more often than i’d like to admit)

Nixon’s Dislikes: Timeouts, being chased by Teller, bedtime, when mom and dad leave the room before he is asleep


The hardest thing with having twins is not the physical exhaustion, but the mental dedication to the fact that they are two separate people, not a unit. Teller and Nixon need parented differently. Teller wants rules and guidance. Nixon wants patience and the flexibility to explore at his own pace. Teller still needs an afternoon nap, Nixon does not. When we’ve made these adjustments for each of them, it has been so rewarding.

Teller and Nixon 2.5 Year Update



I’ll do another update when they turn 3!



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