DIY to D.I.Why!?

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Not every DIY project is a smooth-sailing success story. I screw up—a lot. There’s many stories like these to tell but I’d thought I’d share my most recent because it is so hilariously bad!

I had it in my mind that I was going to create an abstract acrylic painting for the kitchen makeover. This was my inspiration. And by inspiration I mean I wanted to copy the composition entirely.

via sfgirlbybay

Here is my version.

DIY Fail Abstract Painting

LOL. Well at least I tried, right? This looks like a contest entry for a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper design. Aaron and I laughed hysterically about it all. I’m not ashamed to say I spent a good 24 hours trying to convince myself that it was good.

DIY Fail Abstract Painting

I’m missing some layers, I went too crazy with the drips and the colors are too neon… among other things!

I’m not sure I’m ready to give up the paint brush just yet. Danielle posted a great DIY abstract art tutorial on her blog a few weeks ago. I think I need step by step instructions. Better yet—a paint by number approach would be just perfect. 🙂

DIY Fail Abstract Painting

Has anyone tried the DIY abstract art? Any luck? I think the DIY approach is tricky because it still requires talent! A skill I have yet to develop!

Happy Monday everyone. I just got back from a weekend of camping and it was a blast! After the week of travel and events last week, I’m pumped to settle into a slower week and enjoy these last few weeks of summer!