Around the Haus – Vol. 1

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There’s so much that happens in the house that I don’t share here on the blog, but I’d like to! Whether that be super-mini projects that don’t require an entire post or just funny stuff that’s happened, I’ve got the urge to keep it real. So let’s begin!

Look, I can explain…

Dead Basil Plants

I’m so bad. A terrible, horrible plant killer. I find it odd that the plants in my back and front yard are thriving thanks to consistent watering but these little suckers which are literally within a few feet of me for hours at a time, get neglected. Sorry little basil plants. I may put my dignity aside and buy plastic succulents but the thought of the dust makes my teeth hurt. Or maybe I’ll give basil another try. Or maybe I’ll just clean out the dirt and fill them with candy. Mmmm… candy.

In other news, I have been trying to curb my extreme Internet addiction (I caught myself browsing Bloglovin while drying my hair a few days ago… rock bottom) that I’m trying to rekindle my love for books. I LOVE books. I used to read all of the time but they’ve been pushed out of my consideration set for the stinkin’ iPhone. So yes, two books are on my list this week. I’ve already read one of them:

Brain on Fire Book

… which I must say was a disconcerting read because at the time I was experiencing some wicked headaches and may or may not have convinced myself that my brain too was on fire. (It’s not.)

The other book was selling like hotcakes at the airport bookstore so I jumped on the bandwagon. I love the show, so I’m down for learning the full story.

Orange is the New Black Book

In other news, my house is a mess of epic proportions. Just to think 4 short weeks ago I would have eaten breakfast off the kitchen floor.

Messy Kitchen Table

I’m not even going to show you the office/second bedroom for fear I may be casted in the next season of Hoarders. Seriously.

So tonight, when I would rather be reading my new book, I will be cleaning and purging and just generally trying to restore life to some level of sanity. Oh yea, and playing fetch with this pup.

Suge the Boston Terrior

I tried to catch a picture of him in action but this is the best I could do. You can see the frenzy/energy in his eyes. When I see that look, it’s usually time to go in the back yard and throw the ball 100 times to burn off that energy! Suge is 30 solid pounds of pure Boston Terrier.

Someone asked why I never post pictures of Biggie. Biggie is constantly with me. He sleeps on my chest, he lays on my lap… where I am, he is. A chihuahua through and through. I promise he gets lots of play time too (usually with Suge’s toys, which Suge really enjoys… not).

This may be the most random post I’ve ever written. I’m just going to go with it because it’s…. FRIDAY!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!