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Around the Haus | Vol. 1

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There’s so much that happens in the house that I don’t share here on the blog, but I’d like to! Whether that be super-mini projects that don’t require an entire post or just funny stuff that’s happened, I’ve got the urge to keep it real. So let’s begin!

Look, I can explain…

Dead Basil Plants

I’m so bad. A terrible, horrible plant killer. I find it odd that the plants in my back and front yard are thriving thanks to consistent watering but these little suckers which are literally within a few feet of me for hours at a time, get neglected. Sorry little basil plants. I may put my dignity aside and buy plastic succulents but the thought of the dust makes my teeth hurt. Or maybe I’ll give basil another try. Or maybe I’ll just clean out the dirt and fill them with candy. Mmmm… candy.

In other news, I have been trying to curb my extreme Internet addiction (I caught myself browsing Bloglovin while drying my hair a few days ago… rock bottom) that I’m trying to rekindle my love for books. I LOVE books. I used to read all of the time but they’ve been pushed out of my consideration set for the stinkin’ iPhone. So yes, two books are on my list this week. I’ve already read one of them:

Brain on Fire Book

… which I must say was a disconcerting read because at the time I was experiencing some wicked headaches and may or may not have convinced myself that my brain too was on fire. (It’s not.)

The other book was selling like hotcakes at the airport bookstore so I jumped on the bandwagon. I love the show, so I’m down for learning the full story.

Orange is the New Black Book

In other news, my house is a mess of epic proportions. Just to think 4 short weeks ago I would have eaten breakfast off the kitchen floor.

Messy Kitchen Table

I’m not even going to show you the office/second bedroom for fear I may be casted in the next season of Hoarders. Seriously.

So tonight, when I would rather be reading my new book, I will be cleaning and purging and just generally trying to restore life to some level of sanity. Oh yea, and playing fetch with this pup.

Suge the Boston Terrior

I tried to catch a picture of him in action but this is the best I could do. You can see the frenzy/energy in his eyes. When I see that look, it’s usually time to go in the back yard and throw the ball 100 times to burn off that energy! Suge is 30 solid pounds of pure Boston Terrier.

Someone asked why I never post pictures of Biggie. Biggie is constantly with me. He sleeps on my chest, he lays on my lap… where I am, he is. A chihuahua through and through. I promise he gets lots of play time too (usually with Suge’s toys, which Suge really enjoys… not).

This may be the most random post I’ve ever written. I’m just going to go with it because it’s…. FRIDAY!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!



Let’s Give Bedding Another Try

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I was blinded by a good deal (great price, but so wrong for the room) with my last duvet cover purchase. The pattern was too contemporary for the room so I’d be lying if I said I was bummed when Suge accidentally ripped a big hole in it. I didn’t expect to replace it so soon (the rip was manageable), but alas, I found another good deal.

Emily May

I was hesitant to say the least (uhm, wasn’t I just in a similar situation? You know, blinded by a good deal?) but I felt super confident it would work. The colors were dead on… the green (with my lime green sofa), the orange (with the bedroom’s stained glass window) and the gray (with my PANYL’d dresser).

I was right! (Phew.)

Emily May

We switched to the gray, lighter blanket for the summer, with the duvet folded up at the bottom. The duvet generally stays at the bottom, with a sheet and gray coverlet doing most of the covering up at night. Really, for now, the duvet is just there to look pretty.

Emily May

Emily May

At Target, while I was totally indecisive on whether or not I should buy it, Aaron conceded with, after being completely against the purchase, “Well, it does look like your painting.”

Emily May

Emily May

I moved the gold lamps in here, as the office is in a state of flux at the moment. We have a bit of a lighting shortage in the bedroom, so I’ve liked having them in here. Prior to the gold lamps being added, all that’s there is the table lamp next to the lady painting and the DIY’ed copper pendant, that barely lets out any light.

Emily May

This room is 85% there, I just have a couple of tweaks I’d like to tackle before calling it a day:

  • Swap out the existing beige curtains (they’re actually painters’ cloths) for grey curtains (these are gorgeous, and affordable, in person)
  • Re-install the wood trim around the fireplace tile (one of those not-so-fun projects that requires tools I don’t have)
  • Add a rug
If you follow me on Instagram, you know Suge has already chewed off a button. I woke up at 3 am to what sounded like someone crunching on glass, so to find that it was a plastic button was somewhat comforting to say the least. 

Happy Monday!



It was a steal! Or was it?

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I’m a big-time bargain hunter and there’s nothing sweeter than finding a great sale. But sometimes (ok, a lot of times) I tend to be drawn to the price versus the actual item. Case in point: our current duvet cover.

Emily May

It was $36 for the king, a decent brand (Crate & Barrel), a high thread count and one of those fancy duvet enclosures that keeps the comforter from leaking out. The only problem? I knew it wasn’t going to work in the room. But I forced those warning signs out of my head, grinned at my $36 find, and headed to the cash register.

Emily May

The pattern itself is cool… it just doesn’t fit in to the bedroom at all. It would make more sense in a contemporary bachelor pad with sleek, modern furniture. Not at all what I have going on currently.

Emily May

Its saving grace is that it’s exceptionally soft. So, SO soft.

Emily May

We’ve been living with the duvet cover since March and we will continue to live with it until we can find/fund a replacement. The semi-sweet good news is that it ripped a few weeks back, practically signing its own transfer request to the basement fabric stash.

Emily May

So, my $36 find just got a little more expensive as I search for a new option, all because I just had to take advantage of that once-in-a-lifetime deal. (Sarcasm!)

Anyone else guilty of this?

Emily May

The lighting was so good when we were taking those pics, so I couldn’t help but snap a couple shots of our doggies. I hope you don’t mind.



Let me upgrade you.

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Disclaimer: Suge would not leave me alone while I was taking photos, so you’ll have to forgive his appearance in nearly every photo. He wanted me to play fetch with him BAD. Boston Terriers are a tad obsessive and very determined and Suge’s got that in spades!

One of my oddball New Years’ resolutions is to swap out all the plastic storage in my house for better, more nicely designed alternatives. Plastic storage is abundant in my house, laundry baskets, shoe storage, bathroom accessories and above all, having storage items is absolutely necessary. In a 900 square foot house, I don’t have the luxury of hiding some of these items behind closed doors or in special rooms. Everything is out in the open! And because I stare at this stuff every single day, I wanted to upgrade from the plastic to something much more aesthetically pleasing.

First up – the laundry room. It looks like this 90% of the time.

Emily Snuffer

The plastic storage I did have was way too small and to add insult to injury, not very pretty. A quick swap and my laundry room is looking much more put together, even when it’s a highly active area.

Emily Snuffer

I found these amazing cloth laundry baskets with a light oak wood border for $17 each at Home Goods in the laundry storage section. All of the patterns are slightly varied (some are striped, some are a crosshatch, etc.) but all of the same color with the same wood ring across the top. I picked up two.

Also, quick sidenote, those hooks I installed in the laundry room are magically the perfect width to air dry blazers. I did not plan that but so glad it worked out that way! No more taking up space on top of my washer!

Anyways, the second plastic laundry basket is in the office. This is where dirty clothes go throughout the week.

Emily Snuffer

Same basket, same problems.

This one is low to the ground and Suge pulled clothes out of it ALL THE TIME. I felt like I was always picking up clothes and putting them back in this dumb basket.

Emily Snuffer

The basket is empty but you get the idea…

Now, with the same type of basket used in the laundry room, we’ve got a much better clothes-collectin’ situation in the office.

Emily Snuffer

Suge is barking/begging at me to play with him in this picture. Poor guy.

Best part about these new laundry baskets? Check this out…

Emily Snuffer

One day, when I don’t have piles of laundry piling up around me, I can fold these baskets up and store them between the wall and the washer. Love it!

Anyways, I’ve made some big strides in upgrading the plastic storage in my home to containers a little easier on the eyes.

What little things have you upgraded throughout your home? I’d say spray painting all my door knobs has been my favorite upgrade to date. The gift that keeps giving!



p/s: Lots of new readers here! Please be patient with me as I work on updating you on how my house has been changing. I’ve been finally experimenting with COLOR! Nearly every room has an update that needs to be photographed and written up. Working on it!!

p/p/s: See you on Friday for another post!

p/p/p/s: And of course Suge got some extreme play time after I was finished with this post! 

My weekend.

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What a weekend! My cousin Jill got married. My sister was down from Chicago for the wedding and to celebrate her birthday. Her boyfriend, Luke, came too. We stayed at the lake house and of course, were out on the lake most of yesterday. Last night Aaron’s Mom was in town and we got to hang out with her, too. It was such a great weekend. Here are some good pictures from the last few days.

Emily Snuffer

Julie (my sister) and my Dad. I won't explain what my dad is doing haha.

The wedding and reception were in the Batesville area of Indiana (Well, Morris and Enochsburg to be exact). I even ran in to a friend from high school there, who I hadn’t seen in a good 9 or so years. It was good to see her.

Emily Snuffer

Aaron and I. We later turned into dancing machines.

The dancing was so fun at the wedding. I somehow get determined at every reception to learn every line dance (oh yes, we line dance at weddings here) performed on the dance floor. I know all the basic ones (electric slide, cupid shuffle) but this time I learned a new one (to the song, “Strokin'” lol). Aaron’s got proof of my awkward dancing via video on his phone.

Emily Snuffer

Suge keeping watch on the boat. He later jumped in!

My parents bought a fixer-upper a few years ago on Lake Santee in Greensburg, Indiana. It’s absolutely awesome now since they are quite the DIY’ers… I should probably post pictures sometime. Anyways, Aaron and I try to get there as much we can in the summer. It’s only about an hour away from where we are in Kentucky.

Emily Snuffer

Julie and Biggie. I love headless photos for some reason.

Biggie loves my sister and her boyfriend Luke. He is always scratching at them for cuddles and lap time. He is obviously in chihuahua heaven here. My sister lives in Chicago now so it always feels special when she is around.

Emily Snuffer

Another plus of time spent on the lake. Exhausted dogs!!

Suge and Biggie get so wiped out. Suge swam a couple of times and Biggie loves running around. It’s the only place I really feel comfortable letting Biggie off the leash, so he has the time of his life running up and down the hill from the lake to the house.

Suge, of course, had to go and be his jerk self and went after another dog after escaping from the house right before leaving on Sunday night. Grrrr. He has terrible social skills and he greets dogs with aggression and attempting to dominate them. It takes him a good hour to be around other dogs before he even begins to relax and play nice. We were doing so good with his classes last summer and getting him help, but we haven’t taken it back up this year. We need to do that ASAP.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. So awesome minus the Suge thing. What did you guys do?

The united states of Karl

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Why yes, that is a poorly copied line from the now-defunct but fabulous TV series, United States of Tara. Also, you will have to pardon Suge’s presence in the new photos. He was quite tired and couldn’t be bothered.

Karl was looking like a hot, brown mess when I shared the new yellow accessories in the living room. I should get my hand slapped for buying something that was cheap (a $30 Craigslist find) versus buying something that made sense for the room. It’s not that the brown cover was bad (it actually would look fantastic in a room with all white or light walls), but paired with the black wall, that side of the room just looked so dark and drab.

Emily Snuffer

And now, Karl is looking much brighter and modern:

Emily Snuffer

It’s the exact same type of cover, just now in grey! IKEA is discontinuing these grey KORNDAL covers (they are no longer on their website) so I just grumbled and tried to forget about the 150 bucks when I found them at the store. I was actually surprised to find a grey KORNDAL at my local IKEA and almost spent $300+ on a Karl cover from Bemz.  So I guess I was sort of saving money?

I also switched out Karl’s legs. See how much lighter they are now than before? I was using the dark walnut ones on brown Karl and I replaced them with the birch ones for grey Karl. You know how I love birch these days! And I’ve had that set of birch Karl legs in my basement for years…

Emily Snuffer

I mentioned in the yellow post last week that this view makes me love this room. Yellow ottoman, yellow accents in bookshelf and yellow chairs in the kitchen. DESIGN HEAVEN. It’s all starting to look layered and semi-coordinated. Finally, right?

Emily Snuffer

I needed a good excuse to show this picture of Suge so let’s talk about texture. The KORNDAL cover is a tweed-like texture. It feels and looks higher quality than the standard Karl cover, which I like.

Emily Snuffer


Before I go, I thought it would be fun to show you the different states/covers of Karl over the years.

Emily Snuffer

White Karl (The Original)

White Karl was pre-Suge. You’ll notice that the bottom and back cushions are covered by sheets as the white didn’t last for long. I still miss having a white sofa. It is design awesomeness if you can keep it clean. I couldn’t.

Emily Snuffer

DIY Karl

This was when I took Karl’s cotton white cover and dyed it with RIT gray dye, which I chronicled here (part 1) and here. It actually worked well (it left a feathered-like texture, which wasn’t so bad), except the placement of the sofa in front of the window led to some serious sun bleaching. I eventually threw the white cover away.

Emily Snuffer

Karl Fail

Next up, there was the time where I came across 5 or so red-striped Karl covers in the As-Is section at IKEA for $20 total, only to find out that they were actually loveseat covers when I got them home. Argh. Yep, they’re still in that chest although a cushion cover is now a dog bed and one set of covers was emailed to a reader in Chicago.

Emily Snuffer

Brown Karl (See the "dog bed"?)

Oh, brown Karl. Nobody liked you. Plus, you have a dirty-sounding name.

Emily Snuffer

Grey Karl

And finally, we are here at Grey Karl. Let’s hope Grey Karl sticks around for awhile because both Karl and I are TIRED of all this switcherooing.

By the way, if you ever are looking for a nice-looking, affordable sofa, get Karl. You won’t regret it.

Next up for the living room:

Front door paint

Window coverings

More pillows

Dimmer for overly bright Edison

xo, emily

Random thoughts.

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I am tired of looking at living room pictures plus my mind feels sort of chaotic at the moment, so I’m going to do some de-stressing/mind organizing by sharing some random thoughts. Ready?

My birthday is coming up (April 18) and I want to have a party. I will be 28(!). I haven’t done anything for my birthday celebration-wise in a long time. But what if nobody shows up? And what kind of beer should I get? Important questions. Everyone will be invited.

Speaking of my birthday, I guess I should work on some sort of birthday gift list for Aaron and my family. I tend to be strategic about these things (what do I really need/want that’s super special) so I’ve been thinking about it for awhile.

Some people are so grossed out by dog kisses:

Emily Snuffer

I love the Edison light but it’s so bright and makes the room hot. My recent Google searches have been “how to install a dimmer.”

I wish I had the money for someone to come out and plant/mulch/prettify my front and back yard while I was at work. Or even someone (*ahem Mom*) to act as a consultant. Flowers and plants remain a mystery to me.

I still have not replaced my drill and I run into that issue every time I go to start a new project. Sometimes it does not work out to be cheap…

Aaron starts a new job soon and change is always a weird feeling for awhile.

I have been running (probably more like jogging) for 6 weeks now and I feel better than I have in a long time. I forget how much I enjoy exercise.

I don’t know what to do with the dollhouse. I hate to put it in the basement because it is the land of no return but at the moment it is just a dust collector.

The lime green couch next to the mint green door rubs me the wrong way. The mint green door might go bye bye if I can’t find a solution soon. I have been looking for two arm chairs in a mint-friendly color but my search attempts are unsuccessful. Any ideas?

Just when the house felt organized and clean, the closet in the to-be bedroom collapsed. Aaron and I have a crazy week so my front room is going to look like this for awhile until I can get the closet fixed and re-hung. I tried to do it last night but then the drill issue came up again…

Emily Snuffer

I never know if I should put the explanation of the picture BEFORE the picture or AFTER the picture. Both can be confusing. Which do you prefer?

Speaking of blogging, the one year anniversary of this blog was last week but I don’t feel very compelled to make a big deal about it. I am not sure why?

I continue to be bothered by the amount of stuff Suge has destroyed of mine. Mainly because it’s incrementally more than the amount of Aaron’s things that have been ruined. Petty I know, but the feeling is there.

I get crazy about cleaning my house. I probably care too much.  However, it’s a bummer wasting my Saturday afternoons on cleaning, which happens most of the time. I’ve started to try this method so I’ll let you know how it goes. It feels really good to have a plan.

I went to the dentist today and my poor gums are still throbbing.

I’ve been itching to make a mixed “tape” for summer. What song would you put on it?

I want a grill. Just a simple, charcoal one. Aaron has a gas one at his house but since he is not there a lot he doesn’t get to use it as much as he would like. More Grilling opportunities would make him smile. Yes, that’s Grilling with a capital “G.”

As I am typing this, Suge is howling along with the firetruck going by and it is the cutest thing.

Random enough for ya? 683 words of complete randomness.

– emily

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Welp, I’ve done it. I finally purchased the chandelier of my dreams, the Edison chandelier from Pottery Barn. You’ve heard me yammer on about it for almost a year now, and it’s finally here.

Emily Snuffer

And since you know I love to pinch pennies, I ended up getting this sucker on eBay for just over $200 (ok, $212.52 to be exact), which was so much easier to swallow than $350 (even on sale!) after shipping and taxes on Pottery Barn’s web site. (Update: It looks like this light is now totally unavailable. Boo. But, they pop up on eBay all the time.)

I cannot find anyone in the blogging world that has this light (with the exception of Nicole from Making it Lovely) so finding inspiration images was difficult. I do know that a dark, hulking, industrial chandelier will almost definitely look awesome in an all-white room so I took a little leap of faith and ordered it anyways.

Emily Snuffer

This is an older picture (that chest looks a whole lot different) but in this picture you can spot the existing overhead light. I actually posted about the existing light here and while I still do love the shape and size of it (almost 30″ wide!), the cream shade looks lost/mismatched next to the bright white ceiling and walls. I think it may go in the to-be office….

Back to the Edison. Pottery Barn does have a couple pictures on their site of the Edison in action.

Emily Snuffer

From PotteryBarn.com

This look is a little “droopy” with it acting more as a pendant vs. an overhead light. The look I’m going for is more “spider-y” than droopy, with the legs spread more apart. Did I just type “spider-y?” Oh vey.

Emily Snuffer

From PotteryBarn.com

Here they show it on top of another dining room table. In fact, reading several of the reviews, a lot of people are using this light over their dining room table. Maybe one day I will use it as a dining room light (like maybe when I have a dining room) but I am hoping it will work well as a living room light.

Emily Snuffer

From MakingItLovely.com

And the Edison is beautiful above a bed. I guess we’d call the Edison a versatile light solution… or how about just a really neat light I’m jazzed about installing.

Speaking of installing… that’s next on the living room makeover list.

Emily Snuffer

Unfortunately, here it is in its present state. Suge considers the box a savage enemy and avoids the sight of it. He’s practically peeing his furry pants in this picture. He’s a little scaredy cat.

If the living room makeover process has left you feeling a little discombobulated, I feel ya. I usually have a crisp to-do list and a little idea board of what I’m trying to accomplish for each room. There’s something about this room that wants me to be more spontaneous, allowing me to go with it versus reconciling it against a stated plan. Ever feel that way sometimes?

I’ll have pictures of the lovely Edison in action next week.

On a random note, Suge and Biggie are liking their new “dog bed.”

Emily Snuffer

– emily

p/s: I think there are a lot of new folks here checking out Go Haus Go. Is it weird to ask you to comment and say a little bit about you? I really am interested and let’s face it, I’m looking for new blogs to check out. I just found the blog, Retro Ranch Reno, and am so pumped because they are living out my life long dream of mid-century ranch renovatin’. What they have done with the place is amazing.

Instagram Weekend [10/1/11 – 10/2/11].

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done an Instagram Weekend. It was a FULL weekend, so I thought I’d share. Friday night was dinner with our newlywed friends. If you have some time, check out their blog. I need to share some of their wedding photos. They are fantastic. Another day…

Emily Snuffer

Photo by Keith Neltner

Saturday I painted faces at the Neltner’s Farm Fall Festival. It was really fun (and cold!!). Face painting is a weird side skill I have – it sort of just crept up on me. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember at my church festival with my mom. I actually counted the years (14) but that made me feel old so I stopped counting. Anyways, if you’re in the Cincinnati / NKY area you should come down to visit. Visit their Facebook page for details. There’s a pumpkin patch, live music, arts and crafts vendors (like the amazing Robot Inside shop), hayrides, etc. Plus, I’ll paint a cute scary ghost on your face.

Sunday, Aaron and I woke up early to go to a big antique fair in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I have heard about it for many years, but never had the time to go. We met my parents there. It was fantastic. I can’t wait to go back next year. Here were some cool things I saw:

Emily Snuffer
Loved this beauty (it would look great in a bathroom!) but at $70, it was “too rich for my blood” as Aaron would say.

Emily Snuffer

I squealed (seriously) when I saw this book, which was part of a tw0-volume set. I love understanding the history of places I live. It was $100 for the set though, so another history buff got to take it home.

Emily Snuffer

Here’s my dad with another beloved beer tray find. He has quite the collection going, but this one didn’t make it into the mix. He did, however, find a Bavarian Brewing Co. (of Covington, Kentucky) tray that did make it home for $8.

Emily Snuffer

After we were done shopping, we stopped to eat at Lawrenceburgers (what a name) for some food and Fat Tires. These signs were outside – my mom and I liked them because it reminded us of Miss Julie, my little sister. She just graduated from Purdue and is living in northern Chicago. Love ya, Jules.

Emily Snuffer

That night, I made a quick trip to IKEA and had to get this $10 buffalo check rug for the kitchen. There is a lot of this stuff new at IKEA for the fall season. The rug is Suge and Biggie’s new favorite place to hang out. Suge likes to chew it though, gah.

Very full weekend. I’m tired but content. Excited to share an announcement on Wednesday – the outcome of the announcement will be a big part of the blog until late December.

– emily

Dog distracted.

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One of my favorite blogs, Desire to Inspire, is doing a “dogs on furniture” post and I want to give Suge or Biggie (whichever one behaves) some time to shine. More importantly, Aaron scored these yellow chairs at a TV shoot (creative people always get the perks in the advertising world) and I’m not sure if they’re just prop chairs or kinda-old, but who cares, they make me jump with excitement every time they sneak into a photo. Therefore, they deserve a little blog love as well.

Since there is high chihuahua presence happening on the Desire to Inspire blog already, I decided to give Suge a chance first (sorry Biggie). It took about 30 photos to get these few. I teased him with a toy to get him to behave, but the outcome and the string of pics are pretty entertaining.

Here is where we started, with Suge being a little more patient with me as I swung his favorite (read: mangled) zebra toy behind the lens:

Emily Snuffer

Pretty cute, huh? I tried this location for awhile, but it was getting hard to hide Aaron’s bike, a mountain of crap in the kitchen and the fact I still don’t have curtains on the other window (long story) in the black room. Next location please!

Now the Desire to Inspire post asks specifically for no close-ups, but were they considering Suge’s adorable mug when writing that? Are you groaning yet?

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

He behaved for me in the the one above (sorta, he’s distracted because he hears Aaron’s car), but that didn’t last long…

Emily Snuffer

And then, Suge was over it. What a diva. So my “photo shoot” looked like this for the next 15 minutes:

Emily Snuffer

I almost called it a wrap until my next model showed up camera-ready (you might have to look closely to find him):

Emily Snuffer

Biggie had his moment to shine, but was also distracted by the annoying kids urban happenings outside.

Emily Snuffer

I have to pick one to send in, but at this point, I’m just happy to have some nice photos of my two little doggies. Hopefully I’ll show up on Desire to Inspire!

One thing I have to mention before I go – have you noticed that long pillow on top of the mantle in the white room? It’s not there because I think it looks cool. It’s there because that pillow is Suge’s girlfriend which he trys to hump into submission anytime it’s around. So the mantle is it’s non-permanent perch, until Suge gets the snip-snip next month, to keep it safe and pretty. Lovely, huh?

Update: I sent in two pictures (#1 and #3 per everyone’s feedback) and here’s the reply I got last night from Kim (one of the creators) at Design to Inspire: “OMG what awesome photos!!! Thank you Emily!!!!!!!!.” Her response made my day! Cool!