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Plant of Steel

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I’ve been wanting to add some plant life to the bedroom somewhere and this little nook quickly raised its hand.

This corner is a tricky spot for two reasons: 1.) the large piece of art calls for a very tall (but skinny!) plant and 2.) this corner gets maybe an hour of filtered light a day. And let’s not forget that I’m not exactly the best plant keeper. I need something that will take care of itself!

This specific type of plant is called a Zamioculcas zamiifolia (commonly known as “Zanzibar Gem” according to Wikipedia). My salon has two of these flanking their entry and I’ve always loved their waxy leaves and thick stalks. I was sold on the plant though, when I saw it was categorized as a “Plant of Steel” by Lowe’s. I mean, the tag actually says, “Wants minimal attention.” SIGN ME UP!

The tag also reassured me that this low light plant only needs 1-2 hours of indirect light a day and will thrive with 1 cup of water every 2 weeks. If I can’t keep this plant alive, there is no hope for me.

The lamp I had there before was identical in height to the new plant, so I used that as an excuse to take advantage of another great deal at my favorite online lamp source. This is the mini diamante lamp in white. It’s the perfect height in relation to the plant.

I was drawn to this specific lamp (they have several at the 20″ height) because its shape matches the Land of Nod lamps I have on the other side.

To finish off the tabletop, I put a couple of bits and bobs next to the lamp. A lot of this was here before—the Happy Chic canister, the little captain statue Aaron got from his grandma as a kid and a tray I spray painted long ago. I can’t tell if I like it all together (too cluttered?) but it works for now. What’s not shown here? My super obnoxious phone charger cord. 🙂

And full transparency here. The reason these photos are cropped so tight is because I am trying to hide the “flat file” of posters and framed art we’ve yet to store or hang. But heck with it. We’re all friends here, right? Here’s the full corner… messy art storage and unmade bed.

Both the plant pot and plant come from Lowe’s. Dear Lowe’s, you are killing the outdoor decor game this year. I want everything. Color me very impressed. I don’t typically go to Lowe’s because it’s on the other side of town but the selection has brought me back a couple of times as the days get warmer.

And no, not a sponsored post. They don’t know me and I don’t know them.

Now I’m going to go back to neglecting my plant. It’s been about 3 weeks now since I’ve purchased it and it still looks super healthy and green. So far so good!

I’ll be back Wednesday with a reveal of a living room I just finished for my sister. Can’t wait to share!