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A baby boy’s nursery.

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A good friend of mine is having a baby boy in September and I jumped on the chance to help with their nursery design. Here’s what I came up with.

It’s camping theme, and by THEME I mean the super-cool side of themes, not the 21-piece-matching-set side of themes. Theme has become such a dirty word in the interior design world, hasn’t it? I don’t care what you call it… this room makes me super happy. I’ve shared it with them and they love it too. THANK GOD because all nursery decor browsing is giving me baby fever. :)

Now, I am not a baby expert so if I sound super naive in the plans below, it’s because I am. Capisce?


1.) This is the crib set from their registry (called TreeTop friends by Skip Hop). I used the blues, greens, oranges, browns and reds from the pattern as my starting point. – $15

2.) PROJECT: The inspiration is a residual idea from wedding planning—using branches (with long ribbons in the rooms colors attached!) as a type of mobile above the changing pad. The branches would attach to the ceiling with illusion wire. – $40 (for supplies)

3.) This is the beautiful IKEA HEMNES 8-drawer dresser. I helped her assemble it and I wanted to haul it off in my car when she wasn’t looking! The finish is so, so pretty. – $299

4.) I love this ceramic lantern table light. It’s an ambient-type light, so just bright enough to guide the way during the night. – $50

5.) PROJECT: Instead of curtains, I like the idea of a roman shade in a bright green-striped fabric with black-out liner so the room will stay dark when needed. I like this no-sew tutorial. – $50 (for fabric and supplies)

6.) The room has a perfect nook for a vertical shelving unit and I love this wire cube shelf from Urban Outfitters. It’s a small room, so the wire design helps to keep things looking more open and less crowded than a solid piece of furniture. Fabric cubes like these would slide into each space easily. – $179

7.) It wouldn’t be camping without a wooden side table, am I right? I’m just realizing the $250 shown in the plan is now sold out, but I think this one is a nice alternative. – $150 

8.) The heart pillow is via Etsy and the Fox pillow is from the Fauna collection. (Oh, and the rocker, which they already own (the fabric is amazing!) is this IKEA POANG.) – $53 for both pillows

9.) I wanted some small, soft storage for on top of the dresser (where the changing pad will reside) and the size of this Land of Nod fabric cube is dead on. – $25

10.) OK, so I might be going a little overboard here, but how fun would it be to use a cooler (via eBay) as a toy box? Plus, uhm, you could use it as a cooler when needed. :) – $50

11.) This is another soft storage piece from Land of Nod, this time for the floor next to the HEMNES for blankets and other items. I love these pieces because the handles tie into the wood on the crib and chair. – $39

12.) This is a chindi (or “rag”) rug from Land of Nod and it’s pricey at $299, so I would buy a four of the $40 nearly identical rugs from World Market and sew them together a la Vintage Revivals. – $160 (DIY version)

13.) I haven’t seen a nursery design these days without a sheepskin (the RENS from IKEA), so I’m not about to go against the grain there. I’m 29 years older than a baby and I enjoy laying on a sheepskin rug as well. – $30

14.) This is not their crib, but I picked it because the wood tone is nearly identical to the crib they own.

15.) I found this knit blanket on Etsy in perfect colors (and hello… STRIPES!) so I had to include it. – $38

16.) PROJECT: I picked this wall art because it’s great inspiration for something DIY-able, but actual prints are from here (bear art) and here (camping prints). For example, for the bear print, we’ll set up my projector, trace our bear shape and color it in. We’ll use both nails and Command strips around the edges to ensure it won’t budge. – $50 (for supplies)

17.) This green floor lamp is another Land of Nod item, and I’m including it as-is in the plan because it’s so SO good and can live on way past the nursery. At $150, it’s not exactly cheap but the great news is that it’s totally DIYable using a Goodwill find. Some spray paint is fancy these days with promises of no VOCs, and with enough cure time (1 month) the painted finish should be totally baby safe. The shade can be covered with green fabric. – $149 (Land of Nod price)

Total: $1,377

Not chump change, that’s for sure, but as far as taking a room from completely blank (seriously, it started as just carpet and paint on the walls) to fully furnished, a little under $1,500 sure ain’t bad. The good thing about this room design is that you could lose some of the more frivolous items (the log side table, the blanket, etc.) to cut cost without losing the design of the space.

I’m hoping to get after photos and I, of course, will share them here.



p/s: I’m realizing now there is a LOT of Land of Nod in these posts. In no way is this a sponsored post and those are not affiliate links. No one is getting anything for free. I just really like Land of Nod and am still on the high of the Nod lamps in my office!





OPP: An updated bedroom. [Before/After]

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For new readers, OPP refers to “Other People’s Places”—I love decorating others’ homes as much as I do my own! I plan to do a lot more of these types of projects once the wedding is over, but for now, there isn’t much time!

Last year around this time I helped a friend decorate his bachelor bedroom. He rented a house with two other friends, so he really wanted to focus on his space (his bedroom) to make it more polished, finished and just “him.” He didn’t want to spend a lot (it was a temporary space!) so we worked with what we had and spent a little money on the finishing touches.

Here’s what we started with:

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

A pretty standard room with walls painted the standard apartment yellow-y beige. We couldn’t change the wall color, so we used a lot of contrasting dark colors to change the sea of sameness.

And now!

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

And if you look up, you’ll see this beauty…

Emily Snuffer

It’s a small room, so I knew I wanted a big light. Instant statement! The light itself is actually the one that used to live in my living room prior to the Edison chandelier. He bought the drum shade from me (it seems to be infinitely sold out on Overstock unfortunately) and we covered it in the gingham pillow fabric. It was a bit** to hang this thing but it’s up and functional!

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Lots of grays, blacks, browns with pops of bright green. We removed the white blinds and installed the bamboo roman shades to add a little luxury. He’s storing the white blinds for later. Those will go back up when he moves out. Same thing with the overhead light! I’m a big fan of having renters uninstall the apartment stuff to temporarily install new things (shades, curtains, lighting… especially lighting!) Yes, it can be a pain, but it’s better than looking at awfulness for many months.

Overall, this install was super easy—love these 24 hour projects!

xo, emily


DIY Extension Cord Makeover

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I have little things about my house that drive me nuts. Clothes peeking out of closed drawers, scuffed trim, rumpled rugs and messy cord clutter. I feel as if I’m in a constant battle with these types of things. Sometimes it’s as easy as getting out a cleaning rag and going to town, while other times require a little more ingenuity.

Here’s something that has been driving me bonkers for nearly a year now. This cord.

Emily Snuffer

That box fan also drives me nuts but that’s another story…

This is the extension cord where my router, cable modem, iPod/iPhone charges plug in, etc. I’m able to contain most of the mess behind the dresser (although I can still see a wee bit hanging out below) but there’s nothing I can do about the placement of this electrical outlet, where the extension cord plugs in. But it gets worse… let’s get a little closer…

Emily Snuffer

The cord itself is ick-tastic (yes, ick-tastic) and the color of dirty dishwater. No matter how much I try, it doesn’t come clean. That red paint? I painted an apartment wall bright red nearly 6 years ago and it won’t come off.

A light bulb went off over the weekend and I did this:

Emily Snuffer

It took me maybe 5 minutes. I just wrapped the thing with neon green washi tape. I figured since there’s no moving the cord, might as well make it stand out in an interesting way versus trying to conceal it. If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Does that saying work here?

Emily Snuffer

Having the washi tape on hand was sort of a mistake – the tape is for another completely unrelated project. I took an embarrassingly long amount of time deciding which color to use (What is my life about? Ha.) before landing on green. It matches the bed sheets…

Here’s a closer shot:

Emily Snuffer

This dumb cord went from being an eyesore to something super fun to look at as I walk by. It’s actually a shame it took me this long to figure out an easy fix. The washi tape gives it a cool texture too – from far away it actually looks like a cloth cord.

Washi tape isn’t super sticky, so I just used a bit of transparent tape on the loose ends to keep the washi from peeling back.

Sometimes it’s the little projects like this that make me the happiest. :)

xo, emily

 p/s: The dresser pictured doesn’t get a lot of blog time, but I love it so much. I found it in my landlord’s trash in college. The only thing I’ve done to it is add those Anthro knobs (and clean it of course). It’s been my TV stand, clothes dresser, charging stations and on and on over the years. It’s one of those pieces I’ll never get rid of (or paint!).

Here, minty minty.

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So now that’s I’ve got a big, mint green door in my living room, it’s time to figure out how to incorporate mint green in to the rest of the room. It can’t be a big statement piece because HELLO THE DOOR, but I do think some nice little accessories will help.

Emily Snuffer

Anthropologie ($12) / Paul Ferney ($36) / Ferm Living (30 EUR) / Claylicious on Etsy ($46) / Jolly Edition on Etsy ($10)

I can’t get everything because I’m cheap, but I want to snag up one or two to add to the living room design. Which should I pick? The pillow is overseas and will be a biznatch to ship over but I’ve done it before with this guy, so I wouldn’t have a problem doing it again.

What am I missing? I would love to find a throw for the back of the sofa, but finding a mint green throw is like trying to get Nick Carter to retweet you on Twitter. IMPOSSIBLE.

That’s all.

– emily

p/s: This song is totally infectious. First the Backstreet Boys reference and now this song – I’m 27 going on 17.

p/s: Yesterday I hit 200 RSS subscribers and I squealed like a little girl. Be the reason behind my next squeal by subscribing.

How-To: Painting laminate furniture.

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This is the follow-up tutorial to last week’s side table makeover post. Make sure you scroll down for the color name reveal. You’ll love it. :)

It used to be that I’d come across a piece of furniture covered in laminate (basically like a high density fiberboard made to look like wood) and I’d sigh and move on. The rule has always been “you cannot paint laminate” and I was never willing to prove/disprove that theory.

Until I came across this campaign-style side table at Goodwill. Suddenly I felt more determined to figure it out.

Emily Snuffer

I hope I did this the right way. It was surprisingly drama-free and similar to how I’ve painted other pieces. It’s been a week and the paint is holding up strong.

First, I removed all the hardware. The brackets were attached with small brass finishing nails – I just used a screwdriver to wiggle them loose. The drawer pull was attached with screws. I removed that too.

I don’t have a picture of this part, but next I used Barkeeper’s Friend to polish the brackets and pulls. It does wonders for restoring tarnished metals. I was happy I didn’t have to spray paint them a faux brass.

Emily Snuffer

The exposed screw holes were plugged with toothpicks so re-installation / finding screw holes was easier at the end.

Next, sanding. Sanding laminate is a tricky art because it has to be done lightly, yet thoroughly. I sanded each surface using a fine grit sandpaper, sanding until the little flecks of fiberboard started to show. The point of sanding here is to give your primer a better change of adhering to the furniture surface.

Emily Snuffer

Prime time! I used Rust-Oleum spray primer in gray. I love this stuff. It dries crazy fast, which is perfect for my impatience. I think I waited just an hour before moving on to the paint.

Emily Snuffer

Oh yes, the green that I received so many lovely comments on is actually John Deere Green. The spray paint is an enamel meant for farm equipment, or in my case, a little side table. I didn’t want to share the color in the previous post to avoid any initial bias ;). Aaron was immediately like, “John Deere Green? Really?” but after seeing it on the table he was sold.

Why John Deere Green? One, I was limited in color choices and this was by far the best one I saw on the shelves. Two, I also wanted an enamel, knowing the laminate would need something extra durable and strong. I also love how hard and glossy enamel dries – it’s my favorite thing to use on furniture.

Emily Snuffer

It took only 2.5 coats and two cans of enamel, needing 1.5 day to complete. I waited only a day to put the hardware back on (probably should have waited longer) and 3 days to add the books and drawer. I’m so in love with this little John Deere side table.

A big thanks to Gwen at Bold Abode for making this her BOLD pick of the week.

Another big thanks to Emily (great name!) over at Emily Macleoud for making this an Upcycled Wednesday feature.

– emily

p/s: On a completely unrelated note, I am looking for a red/poppy blazer and red/poppy dress. Anyone know any affordable options?

Sad turned happy side table [Before/After].

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Update: Be sure to check out the tutorial on painting laminate furniture, using this side table, here.

When the big floor plan switch takes place over holiday break, I’ll have room for a side table. I’ve been anxious to get started on the whole process so I went and shopped all my usual haunts for a good side table – Goodwill, St. Vincent dePaul and Craigslist. With no luck. Boo.

And then just before Halloween I was at Goodwill meandering the 50% off sale when I found this sad little campaign-style nightstand. (For those unaware, campaign-style furniture is furniture marked with metal, usually brass, brackets in each corner.)

Emily Snuffer

What a sad little thing. Beat up. Laminate wood. Dingy brass. Smelly. Emily Snuffer

So of course it was love at first sight. And at $4 (it was 50% off furniture day) I couldn’t say no.

Things are looking up for this little table.

Emily Snuffer

And here’s proof that a nightstand doesn’t always have to sit next to a bed. This is going to be an awesome little side table in the new living room.

I’ll have all of the DIY details (painting laminate, colors I used, cost, etc.) next week. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my little green table.

– emily

p/s: If you can guess the name of the green spray paint used I will give you one billion internet points.

p/p/s: There’s only one way to find the stuff you want at Goodwill. You MUST go ALL.THE.TIME.


Uhm… it’s lime!

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I’ve mentioned a couple of times I’ve been trying to track down a smaller sofa for the adjacent wall in the living room. I’ve been stashing away my pennies, expecting to have enough by late Fall for the HSN Nate Berkus studio sofa or the Urban Outfitters Daydreamer settee. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about spending the $600+ (in fact, it made me nauseous just thinking about spending so much so close to Christmas) but I figured I didn’t have a lot of options, after spending a few months on eBay, Craigslist, etc. looking for a cheaper deal. And then I came across a tufted, and seemingly yellow, small sofa on a local auction site.

Emily Snuffer

It had potential! And the size was perfect, being a similar height as KARLSTAD, so I knew the scale wouldn’t be all wonky. Yep, I bought it. It was only $175, much better than the $600+ I had planned on spending, plus I already had the $175 (plus a thank-you-for-driving-me-to-BFE-to-pick-this-thing-up dinner for Aaron) saved up.

When I showed up at the house for the pick-up, my cute yellow sofa was actually a cute LIME GREEN sofa. Eeeek.

Here’s a better representation of the color:

Emily Snuffer

I was speechless. I think I still am speechless. It is an art deco lime green. To add insult to injury, the fabric is polyester. Is this what online dating is like? You show up expecting to find Leonardo DiCaprio and it ends up being Devon Sawa.

I’m trying to stay positive.

  • It’s the perfect size for the space between the living room entry and the corner closet
  • It’s so comfy!
  • Also the right scale for the rest of the furniture
  • It has the cutest scalloped skirt:

Emily Snuffer

  • It has this tag (pardon the disgusting stranger pet hair in the photo):

Emily Snuffer

Laine Upholstering Company is now known as the C.R. Laine Upholstery Company and is responsible for some amazing pieces.

  • It has mini chevron stripes that make me happy:

Emily Snuffer

But let’s face it – it’s lime green and it’s polyester. Geez. And since re-upholstery really isn’t in the budget yet, I’ve decided to make do with what I have. That means I took some photos and added some green accessories to the room.

I must admit it works well with my stained glass, which I just realized is also lime green.

Emily Snuffer

I also added the green palm leaf pillow (from HomeGoods) and styled the hope chest in the Black Room so the lime green framed poster was closest to the sofa.

I also had this little bowl from Anthropologie I got as a gift that I added to my stack of books on the mantle.

Emily Snuffer

The little lime green bowl turned out to be a great place to stash a remote and little things like chapstick and bobby pins. (Still following me here? This is me being positive!)

Emily Snuffer

So now, with a little lime green and green tones added to the room, the new sofa does feel a little better. Just a little better though. And Aaron likes it. :)

Emily Snuffer

What do you think? Ever been blindsided with an online purchase and then forced to “make do?” Any lime green lovers out there? Happy Monday everyone!

– emily

p/s: Has anyone else read Room? I just finished it. So odd but very compelling and interesting. I was in my pajamas until 8 pm on Sunday wanting to finish it.