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A More Colorful Bathroom

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David Bromstad (of HGTV’s Color Splash and the new Design Star) would be so proud of this post and my futile attempts to add color into my white/black/grey home. See, David loves color. (If you clicked that link, you’re welcome.)

I updated the bathroom back in April (before it had dark green walls and Blik graphics) for the Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest and since then, it hasn’t changed much.

Emily Snuffer

It is in desperate need of some color, even if just a little. Even the shower curtain I made has very muted tones of color. And, it was high time to do something about that awful “art” in the frames. Really, folks, it’s been almost three months.

More about that “awful art.” I was on a deadline for the contest and didn’t have time to think about items to put in frames, so instead, grabbed some pages out of a magazine (as well as some leaves from my Ikea plant) and stuck them into frames. At the time, I was just focused on getting something up on those shelves. I’m surprised more people didn’t question me about the whole Dennis Hopper thing. So strange!

Oh, and one more requirement for this bathroom tweak, I was on a $0 budget to make the changes.

The first thing I did was bring in a pink, graphic framed poster from my bedroom for above the toilet, in place of Nicki Minaj (the $40 deer head). It was looking a little better, but I still was not pleased.

Emily Snuffer

Next came the shelves, which gave me the opportunity to bring in lots of color. For the shelves, I used some things I had around the house in order to stick to my $0 budget.

Emily Snuffer

Much better on the color, right? The burlap votive candle holders were originally on the toilet tray. The pink “She is quick…” piece is a card Kate Spade NY includes in its shipping and the copper piece is a postcard I received from a college friend a few months back. In case you were wondering, the post card is a thin piece of copper stamped with a streetscape of Bisbee, Arizona, known for its copper mining. (Thanks, Brian!) And finally, to play off the copper and the gold shine in the KS postcard, as well as the oranges and pinks in my granite sink top, I incorporated the orange slice picture. Nothing fancy here folks – the orange slice photo is just a page tore out of the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

To match the color I’m using on the shelves (pink, browns and orange) as well as the shower curtain (grays and pinks) I swapped out my white Ikea bath mat for this 2′ x 3′ rug originally meant for the laundry room.

Emily SnufferAnd yes, it is OK not to have a real “bath mat” as your bath mat. Don’t let the marketing folks fool you! All you need is a rug to fit the space along with a no-slip rubber mat cut to the same size and you’re all set.

Phew, this is a lot of detail and typing. Because I’m tired of typing and you’re probably tired of reading, here are some photos to show how everything came together. And for fun, while you’re looking at these photos, try to imagine how awkwardly I had to sit/stand/lean/lay to get some of these angles. Small bathrooms are hard to photograph!

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

I’m loving the color and am thinking about adding even more. Anyone else in the habit of switching things around in the house so you feel like it’s new, even though no money has been spent? I am a huge supporter!

– emily

p/s: Sorry the “before” photos are so desaturated and grainy. They were taken with my iPhone while the “after” shots were taken by Aaron’s DSLR. What a difference it makes! Plus, I’m not nearly as bad at editing photos as I once was.