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I don’t know about you guys, but when I get in my weekend warrior/DIY mode, it’s hard to get me out of it. It all starts out innocently enough. I begin to pick at the crumbling caulk around the kitchen windows and before you know it I’ve got my paint clothes on, I’m staining dressers and the house is littered with Lara bar wrappers, the only food item we have at the time that allows me to eat with one hand and DIY with the other.

And last weekend, this was exactly the case. Aaron had to work, there was nothing good on NetFlix (I can only watch Queen of Versailles so many times) and I have a kitchen to makeover. The windows in our kitchen are new windows and they are constantly trying to free themselves from our 100-year-old window sills. Every three years it seems, the caulk starts to look like this around the base of each window. 

I use an X-acto knife to cut the caulk away from the metal window frame and the sill itself and then use some sort of thin, flat spackling tool to pry it free. It is weirdly satisfying to get all of that nasty caulk out of there.

With all of the old caulk removed, it’s clear why there is some much crack-age… there’s a good 1/4″ of gap between the sill and the window itself, plus a mix of metal and wood. These cracks will happen again in a few years, but hey, that’s the joy of having windows.

I still need to paint, but you get the idea. No more crack!

And then, with caulk gun wielded, the manic puttering turned up a notch. I caulked each panel of our bedroom door (the only original solid wood door left in our house… the panels are starting to separate from the door)…

from this…

to this…

And hell, I mean the gun is out, so why not fill up some holes that need repaired in our plaster walls? You know, because it’s correct to use caulk and all (more on this later).

I did manage at this point to put the caulk gun down but I was so pumped by my progress I kept going. This dresser (which my awesome sister snuck home for me from an Illinois Goodwill) has always had stain missing from the top. I sanded down the rough spots ages ago but never fixed the coloring.

I used the stain leftover from the office desk project and brushed some on. I wasn’t sure if the top is actually wood and a lot of the stain didn’t penetrate the material, but in the bare spots, we were good to go. I just wiped up the excess with a dry paper towel, let it dry and moved on.

You can sort of see the excess here (notice how it’s pooling slightly near the corner closest to the camera).

So here is the wiped-down version.

Much, much better.

I’ve got more to tell you, but I’ll lump that in a kitchen post next week. Cheers to the friggin’ weekend!



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