Six Neutral 9′ x 12′ Rugs for Under $300!

By February 15, 2017Haus Hacks

As you may have noticed from my recent house goals list, I have been on a perpetual search for an affordable 9′ x 12′ area rug for our living room. And by affordable, I mean less than $300. I’ve struck gold recently with my search (one of these is in my living room now!), so I wanted to share my finds. I love when I can find people some good deals!

Six 9' x 12' Rugs Under $300

1.) Olga Grey Area Rug – $249 with free shipping – Wayfair

2.) Banded Bird Eye Diamond Rug – $301 with free shipping – RugsUSA

3.) Flatweave Gingham Tartan Rug – $159 (!!) with free shipping – RugsUSA

4.) Ford Gray Area Rug – $253 with free shipping – Wayfair

5.) Double Diamond Trellis Rug – $288 with free shipping – RugsUSA

6.) Mercury Black Area Rug – $315 with free shipping – Wayfair

Some important things to note: 

The awesome RugsUSA prices are due to a Presidents Day Sale. Be sure to use code PDS25 to get 25% off by 2/23.

I sort of cheated on the price of #6, but Wayfair sends out 15% off coupons fairly frequently. My suggestion would be to add it to your cart and see if a mailer or email shows up a few days later.

#1, #2, #4 and #6 are machine-loomed, polypropylene rugs. I’m a big fan (durable, stain-resistant, soft to the touch, affordable) but I always recommend a rug pad if you want the cozy, cushy, “sink your feet in” feel a hand-knotted, wool rug might provide. Here is my favorite rug pad.

#3 is a flatweave, dhurrie-type rug. Think more heavy blanket. It’ll wrinkle and buckle when you walk on it. However, that price is insane and would be awesome on top of carpet in a bedroom.

I welcomed #1 into my home last week and I’ll share pictures soon. It’s heaven. And super cute. It’s a popular rug—I see it on blogs and IG all the time—but that is for a reason. Simple, neutral with just enough pattern to add some style. Me likey.

Happy shopping!



**No affiliate links have been used in this post. That is, if I remembered to turn it off correctly. 🙂 

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  • Allyson says:

    I’m so glad you went with number 1! I too have that one – in my living room that is constantly being used by my two dogs and toddler. It’s holding up so well! Stains and dog hair lift easily. I also have number 3 and do not recommend it unless you have no pets/kids/shoes on in the house. It shows the tiniest bit of dirt and it’s very hard to clean. Also, it’s not like a heavy blanket (although it looks like one). It must have some plastic in it because it gets creases in it when we’ve folded it to move it from one space to a less used area. It’s pretty, and an awesome price, but it’s fragile!

    • Emily May says:

      So good to know! We’re only about a week in, but so far so good! I just love the pattern so much. Good to know about #3—I wonder if it’s meant to be an indoor/outdoor type rug? Not sure—but usually if there’s plastic that’s a good indicator.

  • Kim says:

    I would really like to get a new rug for our living room sometime this year – thanks so much for sharing. I love #1 and #2 – but I seriously struggle with rug decisions.

    • Emily May says:

      We are loving #1 that is for sure! I’m also noticing that approximately 678 other bloggers also have the same rug, including that super popular Decor and the Dog.

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