Cincinnati Finds: All The Best Liquidation and Wholesale Furniture Shopping In The Area

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If you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you know I love a good deal. I love getting great stuff for insane prices. I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for anything home decor related, ever. (Ok, well maybe with the exception of the boys’ nursery glider, but I was nesting pretty hard sooo…) My goal is pretty much always 50% off or more, which means even the normal 15-30% sales from the go-to’s like West Elm, RH, C&B don’t cut it in my book. Not even close. I’m talking paying $50 for a $500 light fixture. There’s really just one way to accomplish this—visiting furniture liquidation hot spots here in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. This requires some serious sleuthing on my end, because these set-ups don’t exactly advertise on a large scale. I’ve got several under my belt now, so I wanted to share them with you today.

One thing that’s important to note—these are not big, professional operations. These are entrepreneurs who want to get into the liquidation resale game. Expect messy boxes, small stores, inconsistent hours, constantly changing inventory, etc.—and that’s a good thing! The less overhead they pay, the more they’re able to pass that savings on to you. I did not include some of the bigger, more traditional discount operations like Bargains & Buyouts and BidFTA, but click on the links to go to my posts about those places.

Your Choice Wholesale (NKY)

3970 Alexandria Pike

Cold Spring, KY 41076


What to Expect: Expect mostly furniture from online stores like Wayfair, Hayneedle, Overstock, Allmodern, etc. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this little outfit because a large majority of their inventory skews pretty trendy. Think industrial tables, molded plastic furniture, wicker, velvet modern sofas, sputnik-style lights, etc. Mostly furniture, but great lighting and building materials (vanities, countertops, sink basins, etc.)

Surprising Tidbit: Their price model is pretty unique. Prices decrease as products stick around in the store. Friday and Saturdays everything is $100, Sunday $75 and Monday $50. Smaller priced items are priced accordingly (meaning, not everything starts at $100). Store is only open Friday-Monday.

Open Box Guys, LLC (NKY)

1335 Donaldson Highway Suite 10a
41018 Erlanger, Kentucky


What to Expect: You can actually purchase entire pallets here fresh off the truck. Not sure of the prices, but my guess is you’ll get a few great things to get your money’s worth and lots of things to re-sell or donate. Skews less towards furniture and home decor. Lots of building materials.

Cincinnati Open Box Outlet

6252 Glenway Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45211


What To Expect: They just moved to a larger space and it’s clean and inviting. Inventory is a good mix of decor styles, with a fair amount of unique items.

Surprising Tidbit: You can browse through a lot of their inventory on their Facebook page, which takes a little bit of the guesswork out of your shopping trip.

Overstock Guys

7616 Production Drive

Cincinnati OH 45237


What To Expect: Good mix of home decor, furniture and… everything else! Lots of appliances and building supplies.

Home Emporium

11360 Princeton Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246


What To Expect: This place has been around forever. Skews towards building supplies, especially flooring. On the other hand,  I’ve found great cabinet hardware and a giant cowhide rug lol (for whatever reason, they seem to always have real cowhide rugs) in a single trip. Have a great outdoor furniture selection in the summer. Known for their rock bottom flower planter prices.

Cincinnati Pallet Liquidators

1250 Century Circle N

Cincinnati OH 45246


What To Expect: This one is another wild card, because it’s strictly whole pallet liquidation (meaning, you have to buy the entire pallet, not just one item), but I’m going to throw it in here anyways. I have not been to this one before, but the reviews are great and the Facebook group is nearly 3K members strong. (Hot tip—join the group to get the inside track on the hot deals.)

If I missed any, let me know! I’d love to include them here. Also, I would be remiss without reminding eager shoppers to not forget the likes of the Frontgate (Grandin Road, Ballard Designs) Outlet, Hayneedle Outlet and Restoration Hardware Outlet just north of the city.

Happy shopping!




My Favorite (And Big!) Spring Wreaths For Under $50

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A quick note before we begin—this blog turned 7 on Tuesday! Whoa! When I started in 2011, blogging was on fire! It’s such a different game now, but here I am, still chugging along. This is the most committed and consistent I have been with anything in my life, other than my husband, lol! I have a different post planned on the state of this blog/blogging in general, but until then, happy anniversary (birthday?) to my corner of the internet! 

Spring has sprung! Despite a forecast of up to 5 inches of snow this week (say what?), we are full speed ahead on getting this house ready for the new season. Trees have been trimmed, windows have been washed and the dead winter plants have been tossed in the garbage. Ahhhhh. Spring, oh how I’ve missed you!

The first thing I do in March/April is put up a spring wreath. My previous wreath didn’t quite survive last spring’s winds, so I set out to find the best spring options available today. I’m a bit of a wreath snob—it has to be a great fake and it has to be a big size, no less than 19″. Preferably more like 24″. Oh, and I never want to spend more than $50. Sounds like a tall order, right? It sorta is. Lucky for you I’ve taken out all of the guesswork and collected six of the best wreaths this season.

Tulip wreath

Wildflower and fern wreath

Eucalyptus wreath

Peony wreath (this is the one I have and I love it!)

Faux boxwood wreath (note: the quality of this one isn’t great, but the texture is so pretty and it’s big!)

Wild fern wreath

Also, this one is over $50 but it’s so stinkin’ cute. And I much prefer fake birds nesting in my wreaths than real. 🙂


Happy shopping!




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2018 House Goals

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Well hello all… in true Emily fashion I’m posting house goals nearly a third of the way into the year. That’s just how it goes around here! It does take me quite a bit of time to figure out my to-do list. I have to be careful about what I put on paper, because for whatever reason, when it gets written down, it becomes an all-out war to get it completed NO MATTER WHAT. And I need to do a better job of protecting my sanity. 🙂

Alright, house goals for this year. (And if you’re curious, here’s how I did last year.)

I am going EASY on myself this year. 1-2 big projects and several smaller projects. I need to be a bit more responsible with my time, my design work is so crazy right now (which is a good thing!) but I also don’t want to lose opportunities to make some good progress on my own house.

Big Project #1 – New flooring on the first floor

Guys, it is time. This flooring is literally crumbling beneath us. The gaps to the basement (yes that’s the basement you see through there!) means it’s FREEZING in on the first floor in the winter. Plus it’s hard to keep clean (and for a clean freak like me, this is paramount). I could go on and on about these stupid floors. They drive me nuts. The dark stain means every. little. thing. shows. And these photos were taken after they’ve been vigorously mopped.


The floor is actually the original pine floor (no sub-floor, the cracks go right into the basement) and its age combined with its softness means it’s gotten the beating of a lifetime both from us and our kids. And we’ve only been here 3 years! I have been waffling on which way to go (modern wide planks or more period-appropriate option) so that has got me on hold. I’m also trying to understand how this will impact the cabinets/countertops we’d like to add in the kitchen, but that’s another post for another day. I don’t think we will have the budget to do both and right now the floors are giving me anxiety much more than our crumb-fest black granite. (If anyone local needs 10′ of solid black granite, please let me know. For those of you that are into visible crumbs 24/7… just kidding! Sort of!)

I either want something like this (this is Emily Henderson’s living room):

Or something like this (this is a Studio McGee project, their Parade home):

The herringbone feels more period appropriate (our house is nearly 120 years old) but I know most contractors around here would poo their pants with that installation (plus I have wavy floors, which is a no-no with any install but definitely with herringbone!). So I might be swayed… we will see. It all comes down to the $$$$$.

Big Project #2 – Convert the twins’ nursery into a big boys’ room!

It feels a little silly to say “nursery” for my nearly 3-year olds, but they are still rocking their cribs, so technically it’s true! Their room has not changed at all since I unveiled it three years ago, maybe with the exception of some art and the DIY growth ruler. Ok, and a lot more toys. It’s time for a change! We are heading south for vacation in June, where they will be in big boy beds, so I’d like to make the transition here at home to get some practice in.

Wall color – I painted these walls cream when I was having a major Lauren Leiss (one of my favorite designers!) moment, but unlike her, I just cannot pull off the creamy/sepia look if my life depended on it. So these walls will most likely go white white, instead of the cream they are now. These are painted in Lauren’s favorite color, Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore, and while very pretty, I’m yearning for something more fresh!

Beds – I think we are going to skip the toddler beds and go straight to twin beds. Lord help us! I have been eyeballing these Beddy Beds to help making beds a breeze.

More things will be changing too… perhaps the rug, pictures on the walls and some solutions to super kid-proof the space so once free reign is given, everyone stays safe. We’ve got sliding closet doors for example that may need some ingenious kid-proof solutions.

Small Projects

There are several small projects/quick fixes that I’d like to tackle this year:

  • Replace living room light with this magical, grasshopper-style light
  • Paint kitchen white to match other half of kitchen/dining (*smacks forehead*)
  • Fix drywall in kitchen ceiling above sink (it’s been like that for two years! no shame!)
  • Add kid proofing to the backyard (we’ve got a stairwell that needs a guard added) – This one is DONE! I’ll share soon.
  • Continue to work on bedroom (still waiting for our bed to come back in stock)

And that’s my year! I’m sure I’ll cram some more things in there, but I think this will be more than enough to keep me busy along with everything else I’ve got going on!

Much love!





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