So Many Billy’s

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This is my official first post on WordPress. I was noticing with Tumblr a few things – inability (OK, my inability to figure it out) to categorize, add tags and allow user comments. So… I transferred everything over tonight. Thank goodness I’m only 13 posts in! Phew! Now that I’m all caught up, let’s talk my front room.

My original idea was to cover the newly-painted black walls with white picture frames. It’s very similar to what Young House Love just recently did, but with white frames on a black wall. After pondering and pondering, I decided to make a switch and do something with bookcases. Lord knows I could use the storage!

My final idea has to do with using IKEA Billy bookcases to wrap around the wall, which originally came from Nicole Balch at Making It Lovely. She did it fantastically. After my mom (she was recruited for the project) and I sketched out a plan for number of pieces and final cost it came to a total of 31 pieces for a whopping $600. Because I certainly can’t blow that all at one time, I’m doing this one in phases. Phase 1 happened this weekend and looks like this:

Emily Snuffer

This photo doesn’t include the 14″ extension that I have to go on top of the cabinet. I have very tall ceilings (119″ to be exact) so I wanted the cabinets to be as tall as possible. I almost put the extension up this weekend, but Aaron had to talk some sense in to me because we have not yet anchored this big boy to the wall. I’m also not sold on the chairs there. They seem to overpower the little table. Anyhow, I’ll be posting pics of the progress often!

Bedroom Colors – Brown & Teal

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My bedroom is currently all white. The walls are the same off-white they’ve been when I bought the place. The great thing about everything being white is that it makes it very easy to switch color in and out. Here is an idea. I generally avoid brown and teal because that combo was all the rage two years ago and all the big box stores (Bed Bath & Beyond, Target) reproduce it with no respect. I think with the right pieces and patterns it could look really cool, especially with my white framed windows. My favorite piece of this concept is Graham & Brown’s Superfresco Scope Wallpaper. I am such a sucker for a good wallpaper.

Emily Snuffer


Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

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I desperately need a light above my kitchen table. It has looked like this for almost two years (yikes) now:

Emily Snuffer

Below are some options I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of months. I know I want to avoid color, but I’m having a tough time on textures because of the patterns going on currently. I mean a LOT is going on between the bar chairs and the wallpaper.

I’m not sure which one to choose. If you have other ideas, please send them my way!

Emily Snuffer

I love #6, but it’s too close to what I want to do in my front room with the Edison Chandelier. And #3 seems a little too “urban loft” which is not really my style. I love #1 but it might be too fancy for my little kitchen. I think that leaves me with #2, #5 and #4. So tough!

Room Sources:

Wallpaper: Cavern Home Blackbird from DesignPublic

Bar Chairs: from Ikea, with custom covers

Table stuff: Anthropologie


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