Another Bathroom Idea

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At this point I am desperate for bathroom ideas. I’ve had mental blocks from all sides – paint, accessories, fabric. And I’ve made the worst decision to buy things as I see them anyways. I’ve decided that the vanity is going to stay as-is, as well as the lighting. I have some major hardware clashing going on, so if I’ve made any decision, it’s that everything hardware-related is going to be oil rubbed bronze, which is what my lighting is anyways. Given what I already have, here is an idea:

Emily Snuffer

1.) DIY Deer Head – Already own (more details on that later – I saved mucho dollars!) – eBay

2.) Terrarium – Terrain

3.) Grapefruit Lotion – Willow

4.) Ceramic Tray – already own – Home Goods

5.) Rise and Shine Print – Keep Calm Gallery

6.) Marimekko Lumimarja Tablecloth – Already own (more details on this later – I’m turning it into a shower curtain) – Crate & Barrel

7.) Pumice Paint Color from Restoration Hardware

8.) Shell Ball – Home Goods

What do you think? I am liking this one, but anxious to see how it works next to my existing countertop, which has orange and grey flecks in the granite. I think at some point I just have to GET IT DONE.

– emily

This is THE List

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I am a huge list-er. I depend on them to survive. Without them, I am a little manic and scatter-brained. There is something so gratifying about crossing off an item. I’ve been known to write down an already-completed task for the satisfaction of crossing it off.  I know some of you do this too! OK, so THE list. I wanted to share with you THE list – the list of all lists – my house list. Here are all the things I have rambling around in my head (and on lists) as to-do’s for my house. Even though I know this list well and there really are no surprises, it still is exhausting and overwhelming to type it all out.

Emily SnufferIt is quite a lot to accomplish and I certainly don’t plan to have this all done next month or even in a year. There are certain things I focus on and certain events (like parties) that push me into home-improvement-madness mode. I think it is safe to say I am in madness mode. Madness mode involves lots of long nights, an exorbitant amount of Home Depot visits, a lot of googling and LOTS of bargain hunting. It is exhausting, but satisfying. Both Aaron and I’s birthdays are coming up and I would love to have people over to celebrate. Things at the house don’t have to be perfect (I don’t think I’ll ever have a finished house) but I can’t have shipping boxes hanging out or a bathroom that’s been de-Blik’d. There are certain things I need to take care of. On the flip side, all these uncompleted items above means I have a LOT to write about and to document here on this little blog. Thanks for following along! It is sure to be an adventure!

– emily

Some Sunday House Tweaking

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Aaron and I spent most of our time in Indiana this weekend, but I did have time today to do some tweaking. Before I get into that, let me just quickly re-cap what I managed to crammed into this lovely Sunday:

1.) Fixed the dryer (and to think I almost resorted to calling the Sears Blue Crew)

2.) Did many, many loads of laundry with fixed dryer

3.) Cleaned the house

4.) Went bike shopping with Aaron (and he got one! – more on that later)

5.) Picked up fabric for my lampshade re-do (which is a later topic in this post)

6.) Found some awesome shades (finally) for $7.27 at Old Navy

7.) Purchased some more accessories for the bathroom re-do

8.) Picked up all doggie doo in the backyard

9.) Lots of outside doggie play time (and naturally, a doggie photo shoot)

10.) Went grocery shopping

Phew! I blame it on the weather.

Now, on to house stuff. There were two things in my house that have been bothering me.

1.) The white air vents in the black room. As big a fan I am of black and white, it’s hard to make the case for these distracting little things:

Emily Snuffer

Fortunately, getting them to black was a quick easy fix. While I was switching out laundry and cleaning up, I would take a break to put another coat of satin black spray paint on them. Super easy! And cheap! Much better than buying new black ones.

And after…

Emily Snuffer

You can barely see them!

Now for the next house tweak – this one has been bothering me ever since I painted my living room pure white. Here’s the photo – I wonder if you can guess what it is:

Emily Snuffer

It’s that dang lampshade! (Well… and also the haphazard stack of books, but those are waiting for their homes inside future Billy’s) I purchased the piece during last year’s mid-century modern show in Sharonville. Certainly not a designer piece of furniture but it’s good and sturdy and it’s the perfect height for the Karlstad sofa. It’s the color of the lampshade that really bothers me – especially against the now-white walls. It looks dingy and dirty. I have been wanting to replace the shade with a new pure white shade, but it is nearly impossible to find a 17″ white drum shade with the correct hardware. Especially one that is within my budget. So… I did what any desperate home-improvement freak would do – I got creative. After seeing this tutorial on Young House Love, I went and got 1 yard of white upholstery fabric and my very own glue gun (a pink one, of course). Here’s a progress shot:

Emily Snuffer

And the final shot (which was taken at night and is poorly lit, but you get the idea):

Emily Snuffer

Update: I took a better photo – with natural light! What a concept!

Emily Snuffer

Can you tell the difference? Maybe not! Lol! But I can. Not too bad for $5.26 fix. I can’t wait to do more shades!

And my parting shot, Aaron tinkering with his awesome new bike. He also did a little DIY – it was covered with brand stickers and with a little goo-gone he was left with a blacked out matte bike:

Emily Snuffer

Have a great Sunday night everyone. I’m leaning back and finally watching Secretariat with Aaron and the dogs.

– emily

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