Flower Vase Quick Change

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Florists (of the 1-800 variety) have the worst reputation when it comes to their flower arrangements (did someone die?) and flower vases (why is there a Beanie Baby glued here?). I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets when I stumbled across the very thing. THREE of them in fact. My immediate instinct was to throw them away, but I had a dinner planned the next night so figured I’d try to see if I could polish one turd of a vase and get a free centerpiece out of the deal.

Here’s what I did. I don’t have a “before” picture of the vase because I ripped off the “jewelry” before I could even think straight so here is a comparable picture I found on the internet (from Teleflora.com):

My vase is similar to this, but white and straight, with similar “jewelry.” Quick aside – don’t you love how they’ve photoshopped the bling sparkles onto the vase jewelry? Too funny.

I knew I wanted my vase to look more natural with texture, mainly because the room it was going in (black room) is very stark, with abrupt lines and modern. I was determined  to work with what I had on hand, so I picked hemp as my material for the vase. (A couple of weeks ago I impulsed purchase about 10 feet of hemp, for $5 from Wal-Mart.)

With the start of the hemp in hand, I began at the top of the vase, using the first “rings” of hemp to secure the start of the hemp rope to ensure it would stay without too much help from glue. After winding the hemp all the way to the bottom, I used super glue (the fast-drying kind) to attach the end of the rope. I also reinforced the start of the hemp with glue, even though I knew it would stay pretty solid due to the wrapping technique I mentioned above.

This is very easy. So easy this is going to be a short blog post.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Emily Snuffer

The tulips are from the clearance section at Wal-Mart (this is the closest big box store to me, can you tell?). I always feel terrible walking by those marked down flowers and usually end up rescuing a few.

I have some hemp left over, so plan to do more with the vases I still have. I think a knotting technique would be cool, or even a braid. Other materials that would be easy to use are things like yarn (especially for color), rattan, burlap, etc.

Hope you like it. Don’t let those ugly florist vases collect dust. They just need a little DIY love.

– emily

Pssst… Suge (and my chalkboard wall) is being featured on Desire to Inspire today, as a part of their Dogs on Furniture series. Check it out here.

Pssssssst… One of my good friends, Lyndsey, gave me Holly Becker’s “Decorate” book which can be seen in the vase photo. It is very inspiring. It’s hard to not walk away with your next project after flipping through the pages. If you’re not in the mood to splurge on a book, Holly’s blog, Decor8, is equally awesome (although currently under construction).

Planning a Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party

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One of my best friends is a bride-to-be and her bachelorette party is next weekend. Normally, bachelorette parties enduce the “ughhh” feeling. I’m convinced that has to do with the forced you-must-get-drunk-and-have-a-sorta-good-time mentality and obligatory feather boas and genitalia tiaras. Or maybe the overpriced party bus, pin-the-body-part games or grossly-exaggerated inflatable male you-know-whats. For this one, we’re switching it up and giving the mass bachelorette party supply factories in China a break for a little bit. And don’t worry, we won’t lose the best part of embarrassing the heck out of the blushing bride-to-be.  I can’t get into the details yet, but I’m attaching my mood board for the party for a sneak peek. The goal – a perfect juxtaposition of summer party with bachelorette party. I will be posting all the photos (with any how-to info) after the party.

Emily Snuffer

– emily

Gnomes Are Catching On

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Has anyone else noticed the plethora of indoor-only gnomes on the internet these days? I am excited the little guys are finally catching on. Many of you know I am a huge gnome fan (see my DIY mod gnome post…or even my birthday card). I think they do a great job of adding a quirky touch, yet still keep a room modern and sleek. Here are a few that have caught my eye:

Handmade Modern Gnomes via 2 Chicks and a Fancy Owl.

Emily Snuffer

Baddy by Joe Velluto via Plust.

Emily Snuffer

Wilhelm Desk Organizer by Koziol via Unica Home.

Emily Snuffer

Porcelain Lamp Light by Streamline via Amazon.

Enjoy! Buy a gnome!


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