My Weekend Involved a Beautiful Wedding

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This would have been yesterday’s post, except editing / reviewing / uploading 200+ photos and two videos took a little bit longer than expected. I guess that is what happens when your boyfriend suddenly has an awesome camera. The previous version would be me looking at the 100 photos I took on my iPhone and finding only one less blurry than all of the rest.

Anyways, the wedding was beautiful. And while this post is meant to focus on the decor, I just have to mention the bride and groom looked awesome. They were so sweet and so sincere both to each other and their guests throughout the day. You could tell they had planned and considered every detail of the day, which resulted in a decor that genuinely reflected their personality. This wasn’t a “let’s do what’s trendy” wedding, this was a “let’s do us” wedding. It helps that both the bride and groom have impeccable taste. It was dare-I-say perfect. I left feeling inspired (and maybe a little tipsy).

And some photos…

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

Pretty inspiring, right? Both in a see-friends-more-often way and the decor way. The rest of the photos you can find on my Flickr site here, including a series of 20 photos that happened after too much gin. All in good fun.

One more thing, I knew the setting was a barn in the country, so I made sure my gift wrapping matched the decor. (And then it was a total mistake that our gift really matched the decor.) More on the handmade gift wrap here. I wish I would have snapped a shot of friends, Brent & Laura’s gift box – great minds think alike!

Hope you enjoyed the photos. It was a great weekend.

– emily

All photos taken by Aaron May for Go, Haus, Go!

Major Furniture Score

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I consider myself pretty unlucky. I never win raffles, trips or even BINGO. I’m always this close to walking away with the big prize. Then a few weekends ago, my status in the lucky department changed via a major furniture score. I was at my aunt (my godmother) and uncle’s house picking up tables and chairs for a party and spotted a piece of furniture in the garage. I asked / stammered if I could have it. They said yes – an old lady had given it to them wanting it out of her house. Have I mentioned how great my aunt and uncle are?

I thought it was just a 3-drawer mid century dresser. It is not. It is a Lane cedar chest. It even has its original papers with a serial number, revealing it was built on April 15, 1955 by the Lane Furniture Company in Virginia.

Here is the cedar chest on that lucky day.

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

To further sweeten the deal, it turns out this little piece of furniture is all over the design books and the interweb. Here is one I found via

Emily Snuffer

And here it is featured in a 1955 Christmas ad, with a price of $49.95. It reads, “This Christmas make her dreams come true with a gift that starts the home.” I’m not sure if this will start my home but I will tell you it certainly pluses things up a bit.

I plan to spend some time with the chest in the next coming weekends and make it as good as new. I’m not sure if it’s sacrilegious to paint the thing but I know it would look awesome with white or gray paint. The chartreuse color in the photo above is very fun as well. The current color is not too bad (verrrry 1950’s) and I like the hardware. It’s definitely going in the white room to replace the “TV stand” a.k.a. another old dresser that I found in my landlord’s garbage pile in college. Both dressers are nice and sturdy, but the Lane chest takes the cake. I recently purchased drawer pulls from Anthropologie (on sale for $2.95/each) for the old dresser, but I’m sure I can find another place for those!

– emily

Wrap It Up

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Aaron and I (and several other friends and co-workers) are headed to Batesville this weekend for a wedding. It’s been awhile (I counted 3 weeks) since Aaron and I have spent a weekend together so I’m looking forward to spending time with both him and friends and drinks. We’re even excited the hotel has a pool – can you tell we need a break? Moving on…

Weddings mean presents and registries. And if the couple is cute and creative (which they are) it makes buying and wrapping the gift that much more enjoyable. I’m big on gift wrapping and wanted to make it special for the big event.

Here’s a look at some of my supplies (apologies for the over-styled shot, there is a new-to-us camera in da haus that we’re playing around on)

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

My wrapping paper is women’s vintage clothing patterns.

My ribbon is hemp.

My bow is tissue paper poufs.

Let’s explain via more photos because I promise it looks a lot cuter than it sounds.

I had some clothing patterns laying around, which I purchased off eBay a few months ago for a paper flower project (which I’ve since abandoned). The first part was easy – I just wrapped the gift box like I normally would.

Emily Snuffer

I used two layers of pattern paper as it’s very thin – more tissue than paper.

Next came the hemp for the ribbon. I layered this as well, so there would be two strands of “ribbon” rather than just one going around the package.

Emily Snuffer

Next, I added my poufs. I chose to do three smallish ones, using tissue paper and bead wire I had on hand. I have previously used a Martha Stewart kit for poufs so I was able to use the same directions with my own materials. I’m sure Martha hates that. I also got a healthy dose of pouf-making at Alicia’s bachelorette party, of which paper poufs were a major part of the decor at her party.

Emily Snuffer

Once the two blue poufs were added to the package (using the attached hemp as an anchor) I added a bright green pouf. That’s it! A super cute and crafty (and almost free) gift wrapping solution.

Emily Snuffer

I used my lot of clothing patterns in another project – these gift favors for that same bachelorette party I mentioned above.

My dress is washed and Aaron even got a hair cut. We’re ready for the weekend!

– emily

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