“Ugly Airport Carpet” is the Answer

I feel like I’m constantly searching for rugs for other people, but when it comes to my own homes, rugs seem to fall into my lap. I either stumble across them at a warehouse (like the beige living room rug and the blue office rug), or via Craigslist. I have rarely lifted a finger in rug searches. Well… a rug for the entry way proved to be a doozy to find this time around. I mean, it had to have pink and beige and brown and grey and peach and maybe some green and…well yea. And while searching I mourned the fact that this rug might cost more than the 100 bucks I’m used to paying. So I searched and searched some more. (You can check out my Pinterest to see all the options I was pondering.) I wanted something quirky but not tribal and not overly geometric, or trellis-y or Moroccan… I wanted something new… something unique. So the search went on. And on. The clencher was when I read a review that said “it kind of reminds of ugly airport carpet.”

DING DING DING. Who knew “ugly airport carpet” was exactly the vibe I was going for?




I have no idea why I like it. But I do. It’s so colorful. It’s so… different? It’s not trendy, but there’s still some triangle pattern in there to speak to my trendy little heart. And it freakishly pulls every color I’ve got going on in this space (and beyond) just so darn well. Just check out the picture below. It’s like the girl in the portrait handwove this herself.


It’s from Rugs USA and was $160 with the Memorial Day sale. And I think I might be the only blogger on the planet who actually paid for a rug from them. I was just too excited to have to wait. It’s a really great quality. It sheds like a MOFO and it practically killed my Dyson yesterday, but shedding is a small price to pay. Beauty over function, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So between the painted black front doors, the Stikwood wall installation and the new rug, this little space is coming right along. The half-wall above is actually about to change the most next. I think I’m going to shift the cabinet and the art to the Stikwood wall and put a bench and mirror here. We’ll see. For now, I like having this space less chaotic. It has felt like a mini renovation zone for many weeks now.

Here’s how the rug looks with the new wall and the space overall…

And speaking of the new wall, it’s about 90% done. I still need to clean up the outside corners where my lengths are a bit off, but I’m trying to put off sanding to a time when the twins will be out of the house for awhile. So, in like 18 years? Ha.

The fiddle leaf fig (which started out as this wee little thing 3 years ago) has taken residence on the stair landing to keep away from little hands. I actually kind of like it there. Also, look how nice the wood wall works with the bamboo shades on the landing. But then also with the dark railings of the stairs. All a part of my somewhat complicated plan for this house. ๐Ÿ™‚


Just a few more things to do before we call this done. I’m trying to decide between this 40″ mirror and this 36″ mirror for the entry way wall. I can’t decide if another wood item would be overkill or if black might be the way to go. There’s a huge price difference too, so even better if I land on the 36″ black one.

More coming soon. I’ll probably switch to an outdoor project before then, because it’s June and that’s just what you do in June.




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  • Catherine says:

    I LOVE that rug!!! Seriously, love it. It’s so perfect in that room, I love the pop of color. It really adds some fun character to the entry.

    • Emily May says:

      Thanks Catherine! That’s exactly what I needed in there… just something fun to lighten things up!

  • oh my gosh, yes! it is so perfect! i love it there!

  • Gretchen says:

    Such a fun rug! Ugly airport carpet for everyone! (I e-mailed rugsusa to ask about getting a comped rug one time and never heard back from them, so now I’m stubbornly refusing to buy the rug I want from them just out of principle…which is sort of dumb. I should probably follow up on that e-mail instead).

    • Emily May says:

      Haha. I have a feeling they are flooded with blogger requests. You should email them again! I find that the blogger outreach people are always a little slow to respond. The big bloggers get all the attention before we do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Betty Barnes says:

    I LOVE that rug! That is an amazing collection of items for the entryway. And the tepee is too cute. And the wood on that wall, Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd love to get a look like that. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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