Most Improved Award

I posted awhile back about our master bedroom closet. It’s been in desperate need of a little makeover and a few weeks ago I had some time to do just that. Here is how our closet has been looking for the last 10 months:
















And here it is today:

Most Improved Award

It’s definitely not Pritchett’s Closets caliber yet, but these little tweaks will get us through in the mean time. The biggest thing was getting the shoes contained in a single spot and finally unpacking all of those boxes!

On the shoe front, the only thing purchased for the closet were the two shoe racks, which are ClosetMaid ones from Home Depot. At first I was in the camp of laminate shelving in here, but then when I thought about the dusting requirements, I said HECK NO. The wire racks are a little rickety, but it’s so much better than where we were before.

The top of the closet shelf required some major decluttering and now our Goodwill box is a mile high. The things that remained I corralled in baskets that I already owned. The striped one all the way to the left holds my handbags, the wicker basket holds our swim gear and the cream fabric basket my belts and do-dads. Next to that is an Apple store bag. I’ve been asked to keep it… it’s empty… men are strange…. 🙂

Most Improved Award

We made the switch from plastic to Huggable Hangers about a year and a half ago, when we were preparing the last house for a photo shoot. It’s a little bit of an upfront expense, but these things are strong, sturdy and will last for a long time. Plus, they just look nice.

The white ALEX is leftover from our office makeover. This is where I store all of our craft supplies, stationery, iPhone cords, etc. It makes no sense to have that kind of stuff stored in the master closet but that’s where we are until we get the storage situation on the first floor figured out.

Most Improved Award

Most Improved Award

Yay for organization. It’s made our mornings that much smoother… no more fumbling around for belts and shoes. It’s all right where we need it, and that is priceless these days!



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