Why in the world has the smallest space in the house taken the longest to finish? So much dramz. I think it’s the pressure. The pressure to say, “Welcome to our home! This is what we’re about! This is our taste!” when in reality all my entryway really says is “These are all the shoes we wear!” and “Check out our stack of old mail!” Well… I am happy to say we are getting closer and closer to what we want.

So, let’s talk the entryway furniture situation. I had been wanting the classic bench + round mirror set up for a long time, so when this 40″ monster of a mirror became available, I jumped like a dog to a bone. It’s ginormous, weighs a ton and had to be nearly triple bolted to the wall but WORTH IT.

Storage in the Entryway

The reason I chose this mirror was because I needed something wood-driven to tie into the wood elements happening around the house, specifically the new wood feature wall in this same space as well as the orange-y oak blinds around the entire first floor. This angle in particular below gives me all the feels, because my design eye is spotting all of the wood synergies throughout the main floor. The mirror and the wood wall in the foreground paired with the oak blinds in the background (the kitchen) – I just love it! 

Storage in the Entryway

When I see this angle, as much as I love the wood, I am cringing a bit at the couch and the placement of that black and white painting. The painting is too high (needs to intersect with the white line). And the couch… oh my that couch. It’s huge and cuts off all the sight lines into the dining room but bless its heart, it’s excellent at hiding stains and is a veritable fortress against the antics of two 17-month olds and one rambunctious Boston Terrier. Thank you sectional. You may stay for a bit longer. 

Ok, so back to the entryway. We now have this very sleek bench plus mirror set-up. 

Storage in the Entryway

But this set-up is missing one very HUGELY important thing: storage for all of our entryway crap! Mainly shoes and backpacks, which seem to accumulate at alarming rates as the week passes. So while this looks very slick (minus some much-needed styling), I had a very naughty secret lurking just behind that wall. You see, I had to put all of that crap somewhere. 

Storage in the Entryway

Here’s what you see: a set of dog stairs, a permanent Goodwill donation bag, two umbrella strollers, two portable cribs, a Sportbrella, two backpacks and four sets of shoes. Completely necessary, right? Closed, clean storage was very much needed as well as a relocation of many of these items to the appropriate areas of the house. Relocation was done and IKEA was visited. We picked up the white STALL cabinet from IKEA, which is essentially a super narrow cabinet with pull-out tilted drawers. (For you traditionalists out there, there is a more traditional version that mirrors their HEMNES line.) 


Entryway Progress

This cabinet came with legs, but I was hoping I could install the cabinet without because I wanted that more modern, “fauxdenza” look. Plus, we have super tall floor trim on the first floor and the legs themselves are short, so off they went! Luckily, the legs aren’t a necessary piece of the structure at all and it was just a matter of simply skipping that step. Here’s a screenshot from my Snapchat (@emilykmay1). 

Storage in the Entryway

Here’s the view now of the entryway from the living room. 

Entryway Progress

My next and my LAST project for this space is to put some family photos on the far wall, above the white stripe along the stairs. I’m thinking three huge white frames—I just need to figure out what exactly to put in them. Frames are here and I’m thinking of hanging them blank until I figure it all out. 

Storage in the Entryway

So that’s where we are! I’m getting to the point in this house where I’ve made enough progress to feel settled, yet excited about the future projects ahead. I had been feeling overwhelmed for so long, but of course, chipping away at projects little by little has helped to overcome that feeling. Baby steps!

Here are all of the previous entryway projects if you’d like to follow along:

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