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By August 24, 2015Haus Hacks

It’s been my mantra in this second house to DIY with intention. I want the changes we make to be true upgrades that will last a long time. This might mean improving the aesthetic, the functionality or both! As a lover of all projects, I’m totally guilty of changing something just for the sake of changing it, only to change it again a few months later. And when I look back at those projects, I think: was it worth it? Was it worth the time/effort/money? A lot of the times yes, but other times maybe not?

So, with that being said, my eyes were set on upgrading a very under-the-radar piece of our home: our light switches. Why light switches? Well… we touch them every day, we look at them every day and they end up in every photo in the blog.

Light Switch Update with Adorne

And I thought… maybe there is something better out there? That’s where Adorne comes in. Adorne is a line by Legrand that makes these beautiful modern light switches. You essentially get to mix and match from their selection of wall plates and switch types (like SofTap, SensaSwitch, TouchSwitch) so you can have your switches just the way you like them. Our selection shouldn’t surprise you: white on white! We chose the white face plate with the SofTap switch, which turns on lights with a quick push of the finger. Light Switch Update with Adorne

My favorite part of these new switches are the little locator lights on each switch. They shine like little beacons in the night, which means no more fumbling to find the switch on a dark wall.

Light Switch Update with Adorne

Now, let’s talk about installation. This is one of our first forays into electrical work and we were intimidated. I mean, we’ve installed a bunch of lights in our day, but terminals and 1-pole vs. three way, etc. just seemed like a whole different level. Well, as it turns out, it’s really simple. First things first: TURN OFF THE ELECTRIC!! Also, I would recommend watching this tutorial a few times.

The Adorne packages will look like this in the store. These are the products we needed for a single switch, or 1-pole,  plate: the wall plate (on the right) and the actual switch itself (on the left). We chose the white gloss wall plate with the white SofTap switch.

Light Switch Update with Adorne

Once you’ve got your products, it’s time to install the switch. Big obvious next step: remove the existing wall plate!

Light Switch Update with Adorne

And then remove the switch from the junction box.

Light Switch Update with Adorne

With the switch removed, we pulled it out of the wall and assessed the wiring, first locating the “hot” wire. Oftentimes the hot wire is attached to the switch terminal by an odd color screw, which was the case at our house—it was gold while all the other screws were silver.  We marked the hot wire with tape so we wouldn’t get confused. At this point, we also installed the metal backing plate that came with the Adorne wall plate.

Light Switch Update with Adorne

Because this is a one-pole switch (meaning, it turns a light off and on from a single location) the wiring was fairly simple. We essentially just mimicked how it was installed to the original switch. The hot wire (the black wire on the right in the picture below) was inserted into the terminal marked “HOT” and the red wire was attached to its labeled terminal. The locator light wiring (that blue wire) was wired into the same terminal as the red wire.

Light Switch Update with Adorne

The switch clicks into the metal backplate and then the entire piece is finished off by the white faceplate, which also clicks in.

Light Switch Update with Adorne

We are loving the upgraded look Adorne has given our first floor. We like that they’re simple, but also look really modern and tech-y too. You can browse their range of wall plates and switches here.

Light Switch Update with AdorneAnd some words of advice from us: don’t attempt to install light switches in the evening, when electricity is needed to see! We waited until after dinner to install these, but had to finish up by camping lantern. I’m sure the neighbors thought we were nuts! Ha!

Hope everyone has a great week. A big thanks to the folks at LeGrand for supporting Go Haus Go and this post!

xo, emily

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