Making Progress in the Black Room

By March 31, 2011Room Makeovers

The Black Room is coming along little by little. I’ve done two things: find cabinet items and make my first set of no-sew curtains.

Let’s start with the cabinet items first. I’ve decided I want to have the middle cabinet (the one that will be in the corner) filled with white ceramic things, so as I’ve been shopping/thrifting I’ve been picking things up. Linda (who is sort of like my “work mom” and is the awesomest) shared some of her finds from a recent estate sale here in the city. Here’s what I have so far:

Emily Snuffer

I need about 20 more things to fill a 6′ cabinet! It is a slow process, but I want to make sure each of the items has some sort of meaning. Don’t you love the baby hand? It creeps people out but I think it is funny. Both hands are from High Street here in Over The Rhine. They also have a newly launched site.

Now, one thing to mention about these cabinets is that I’m painting the inside backs of each cabinet black (surprise, surprise) so everything will pop nicely. That idea is one I can’t take credit for, Young House Love recently did it with their built-ins and I loved it so much. I’ll post photos when I have all the cabinets here and assembled (remember… I’m still saving for the rest of those Billy’s!).

Ok, now on to the curtains. I made them myself! I am not a good sewer. Sewing reminds me of my mom, who would painstakingly make each and every one of my sister and I’s Halloween costumes growing up. I can never be as good as her so I stick with what I know – no-sew hemming tape (I’ll post a tutorial soon – the photos are on Aaron’s phone). This was my first time using it on curtains, and I did OK. Here they are!

Emily Snuffer

The fabric is very similar to one I’ve been pining over but that one was way too over my budget. This fabric in a miraculous, never-t0-be-repeated find in the Ft. Wright Wal-mart. Yes, WAL-MART. And it was $4.24/yard. Yee haw!

And here’s how the room is looking now (sans ceramic things):

Emily Snuffer

I would have loved to do the “pooling” effect on the curtains but little doggies are not conducive to floor-pooling panels. Rats! It is slowly, slowly coming together. Next up is new lighting (Edison from PB if I am a good birthday girl) and a rug (cowhide – also if I am a good bday girl). Oh and I need to get the rest of my Billy’s, which I think will be next weekend if I can convince Aaron to spend most of his waking weekend assembling furniture. How do you think that will go? Ha! And, of course, more searches for ceramic “stuff” that won’t take my entire paycheck (I’m talking to you Jonathan Adler).

Before I sign off, everyone wish a Happy 4th Birthday to my furry dogbaby, Biggie Smalls:

Emily Snuffer

I am going to go snuggle with the birthday dogbaby and his little brother. Happy evening everyone.

– emily


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