Making Our Master Bathroom Easier On The Eyes

Our master bathroom is one of those rooms I like to hide from the internet. It frustrates the heck out of me! There are big frustrations I can’t change right now—like the too-big shower, a strange layout, the off-center vanity and the wavy, cracking floor tile—but there are some things I can tackle now (and for free!). My favorite kind of project.

Here’s the bathroom on moving day.

Master Bathroom - The open door is the toilet

First up: the storage issue. The vanity that’s there—despite it being the most generic vanity in all of the land—has some great storage space. And it’s chock full of our toiletries, guest bath supplies and towels. Too chock full. About a year ago we added a Craigslist-procured dresser at the back of the bathroom (see below). And while we loved the idea and potential function, the actual dresser crumbled after a few months of use. Its fate was of the curb alert variety.

Dresser in the Bathroom

Then, when we changed the guest bedroom into Otto’s nursery, another dresser became a bathroom storage contender. This second dresser is one of those special finds—my first even! It was the first piece of furniture I ever pulled from someone else’s trash—my landlord in college to be exact. It also was my first foray into DIY decorating, which was swapping out the knobs for something a little more sparkly.

Updates to the Master Bathroom

The dresser houses all of our towels, wash cloths and beach towels. And it’s been working really well! On top of the dresser are plants (which I’m actively killing every day, despite my best efforts) as well as a box of costume jewelry.

I had been dying to do something with the wall space above the dresser. I also had a stack of framed art and photos that never got hung after the move. Gallery wall to the rescue. 🙂 A dresser and a gallery wall certainly aren’t the most conventional choices for a bathroom space, but we like to walk on the wild side around here.

Updates to the Master Bathroom

You want to hear a funny story of that oil painting of Aaron? It was done by a friend of ours (hey Benjamin!) and it first popped up on the blog in the ostrich bathroom. Well, the ostrich bathroom made its round on the internet big time and something really funny happened as a result. People started to reach out to Benjamin to request a copy of that painting. So now there are paintings of boxer-clad Aaron in others’ peoples homes, too. I find it hilarious. Aaron finds it strange. Ha!

Updates to the Master Bathroom

So those are the master bathroom updates. Completely cost free and made the space a little less offensive overall. Next up—figuring out a better solution for the bathroom rug. I don’t love the multiple-bathmat look, so am currently trying to track down a 3′ x 5′ option. A friend on Facebook suggested just doing a wool or flatweave rug in here, so I think that may be my next move! Plan B is to buy two of these bath runners and sew them together. Stay tuned…Updates to the Master Bathroom

Yay for room improvements that don’t cost a thing. The nursery was an expensive project, so it feels good to tackle a mini makeover that was much more kind to our wallets.

Happy Tuesday everyone!




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