Let’s Talk the Guest Room

The guest room will be our first “official” makeover in the new house. We have plans for family staying several times in the upcoming months and we want to be ready. Plus, I think we’re just so excited to actually HAVE a guest room that it’s one of the rooms we’re looking forward to having ready to go the most.  Overall, this will be a pretty chill makeover (I think). It will be simple and thrifty… my goal is to not spend more than $350.

Here is a look at the space when we moved in. Actually… a little before we moved in. This was on inspection day when the house wasn’t quite ready (the floors… ahem). It’s a small room at about 8′ x 10′. There’s a big 41″ wide window that faces the street and a closet. Small but mighty.

Boob light alert!

My goal for this space is to: 1.) Be a comfortable haven for guests and 2.) Be my nap haven! Yes, that’s right… when guests aren’t here (so 99% of the time) I’ll be claiming this little space as my napping headquarters. Does anyone else think it’s weird to nap in your own bed? Naps are for couches and guest rooms in my mind.

Anyways, because I want to keep the costs to a minimum, I’ll be shopping our own stash to make this room come to life. There will be a few new items in there, but for the most part, it’s going to be a remix of all of my favorite things.


If you’ve read the blog for awhile, the federal mirror, all the pillows and the basket will look super familiar. The bamboo shades are the same ones I used in the old house. The rug is meant to represent the indigo blue rug we used to have in our old office. The Norman Rockwell “Tattoo Artist” print is something we’ve owned for a long time (it was a present for Aaron from me many years ago) but we’ve never had a place for it. I think the time is now!

For those of you avid shoppers at there, you might recognize that “Sleep In” print/mirror from the Kate Spade Saturday/West Elm collection. (By the way, I am very very underwhelmed by the entire line… it makes me go zzzzzzzzz). Anyways, that is a super easy DIY if I ever saw one. It retails for $200 which is absolutely crazy town. Maybe it’s DIY bait for us bloggers and as soon as we recreate it, their legal team will be on us like a pack of wolves. Maybe.

The campaign dresser will be my biggest DIY project, considering at the moment it looks like the photo below. This was a $50 find I found a few weeks back.

I’m currently thinking navy for the dresser… navy and brass together is a combination straight from the heavens.  But I don’t have navy paint (remember, the whole thrifty thing) but I know I have white paint in leaps in bounds. So I could go white…. just the whole white/gold thing has been wearing thing on me lately. The white campaign dresser would look like this in the space, too.


Let’s talk the paint color. You’ll notice neither of the mood boards above feature the same wall color as what’s actually on the walls today. The current wall color is Chatroom by Sherwin-Williams and it is OK. It looks good like a better gray in pictures but in person, and especially in daylight, it is no good. I’m including it here because I am not at all back into painting yet. I am still damaged from all that painting in 2014. So just in case the wall color doesn’t change, here is what the space would look like.


I’ll have a few progress posts for you over the next few weeks… the dresser will probably take me a little more time but overall, I’m hoping to wrap this up quickly! Famous last words, right?




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