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There’s an opportunity to win $10,000 from BLACK+DECKER at the bottom of this post! This project is largely inspired by them and their new “Your Big Finish” campaign. This movement celebrates getting those little projects out of the way. It was exactly the motivation and inspiration I needed (that, plus a house on the market!) to get started. Head to the bottom of the post for more details on the prize!

I think we all have that list of house projects that just bother us until we can’t put them off any longer. It’s usually really boring stuff like painting baseboards, or fixing a light socket, or touching up some paint here and there. Or it’s bigger stuff like finally changing that wall color you’ve always been iffy about, or changing out the color of your doorknobs. I don’t know about you, but these are the things I tend to ignore for years. YEARS!

With the house on the market, there was one project I finally had to tackle. Fix the damaged laminate floors in the laundry room. I put the photo of the damage (see the puffed up laminate?) in black and white so you could see it better. I promise it’s noticeable in person and it expanded all the way to the other side of the laundry room.

The Big Finish: Laundry Room Trim

I think part of the reason it was so easy to ignore is because the water damage was behind the door frame and therefore, never in blog photos. Out of sight, out of mind! I’m terrible…

Laundry Room Revisited

But apparently a messy laundry basket is ok? Ha. Anyways, it felt so good to pull out the damaged sections.

The Big Finish: Laundry Room Trim

My parents were in town and my dad brought his saw. Have I mentioned we don’t own an electric saw? That will change in the new house. We will have room! Ok back to it… we were able to patch in new laminate boards somewhat easily.

We didn’t want to spend any money on the project so we re-used as much trim as we could. After prying and re-nailing it was very beat up but we knew that could all be fixed by caulk and wood filler.


See? All better now.

The Big Finish: Laundry Room Trim

The funny thing about these types of projects is that they are so hard to start, but once I finally do get around to it, I suddenly become the most ambitious person on the planet. This is when I decided to paint all the trim! Paint all the windowsills! Touch up everything! It’s not exactly what I had planned to do, but it’s hard to not love the results.

The Big Finish: Laundry Room Trim

The Big Finish: Laundry Room Trim

Now it’s your turn to show off a completed project you had been putting off. Do it. I promise— marking it off the list will feel so good. As for motivation, $10,000 sounds pretty good. Heck, even a free drill would be enough to get me going!

For this “Your Big Finish” campaign, there are Weekly Prizes, at approximately $439.91 per prize, and one Grand Prize of $10,000. The Weekly Prizes include one of each of the following:

BLACK+DECKER prize package comprised of one (1) of each of the following:
• BDCDE120C 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver with AutoSense™
• BDEMS600 Mouse Sander
• BDCS40BI 4V MAX* Lithium Pivot Screwdriver
• BDCDCMT120 Matrix 20V MAX* Lithium Drill/Driver
• LCS1020 20V MAX* Chainsaw
• BDCMTRS Matrix Reciprocating Saw Attachment
• BDCMTI Matrix Impact Driver Attachment

To enter, visit the Your Big Finish campaign landing page, and enter your First Name, Last Initial, Email, City, State, Phone and upload a photo of yourself and your completed project. The contest ends December 28th, 2014.



p/s: Thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sponsoring this “Your Big Finish” project!

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