John Cena and Trash Bags?

This post is sponsored by Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags. 

Never in my life did I think I’d be writing a post about John Cena and trash bags together, but here we go! LOL! Both are a big part of my life, but together? Well that’s a whole different story.


I have always loved John Cena. Have you seen The Marine? Lord. Have. Mercy. He’s also incredibly kind and well spoken (I loved this Larry King Live interview) and just generally a gentle kitten behind that big, intimidating exterior. I liked him so much that a poster of him became one of the first things I bought for my first living-alone apartment. I got it at Hot Topic (or Walmart?) and I thought I was so cool in a really ironic, dorky kind of way (rolls eyes). I wish I could tell you that this was a really long time ago, but I was 22 or 23 at the time. (Ok, so 10 years is actually a really long time ago.)

Anyways, as some sort of proof of this John Cena faux-obsession, here’s Aaron and our friend Brad selling said poster several years later at my first yard sale. I have no idea how it ended up in the for sale pile, but it did not sell. I kept it, naturally.

Fast forward several years (last week) and John Cena showed up in my inbox. Except this time as a rep for Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags. Have you seen those commercials? They’re cute, right? And this is how this post came to be. John Cena practically begged me (no he didn’t) to write this post.

The only reason I agreed to write a post on trash bags is 1.) John Cena and 2.) I actually use Hefty bags and we go through a lot of them around here. Two kids in diapers will do that to ya.

Here’s why I care about these trash bags.


1.) THE SCENT – I used to be so anti-scent for trash bags, but we use our main trash here as a diaper disposal as well now, and we need all the help we can get. My favorite is the Lavender & Sweet Vanilla. It is like a treat, rather than olfactory assault, opening up our can. Our trash can is also in the most central location in our house, so stink control is an absolute must.


2.) THE STRENGTH – You’ve got to check out my trash bag removal process. Our cans live at the back of our house, and it’s a good 10-foot throw from our back porch to the can. I’m usually shoeless with a kid in tow, so opening the door and flinging it over the side of the porch is my method of removal (I’m showing my Kentucky, I know). These bags and its fancy Active Tear Resistant Technology hold up to my ridiculous methods, no matter how many times they’re dropped or flung over the side. I’ve never had an issue. AND THAT IS AWESOME. I love how strong they are. Now I get the John Cena connection. 🙂

John Cena Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags

3.) THE PRICE – I’m told they recently lowered their price and now are cheaper than Glad bags, which means for the value and the quantity received, it’s a darn good deal. Here’s a coupon for $1.00 off via Ibotta if you need to sweeten that deal even more.

So that’s the story of John Cena, Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags and me. Who knew, right?



This post is sponsored by Hefty but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.