Is It Nesting or Perspective?

By January 19, 2017Wallace Woods House

So, with a new baby boy #3 coming in March, I’m in full-on “get ready” mode. And while many would attribute this “do all the things!” stage of pregnancy to “nesting,” but I’d like to suggest a different reason: perspective! Ha! The list I’m about to share with you was not due to maternal urges (I don’t think!), but the very real fact that there’s little time to do anything else but snuggle and care for that fresh, new babe in those first few months.

I was talking with someone about this the other day. Perspective feels like reason that is intentional and informed, while nesting gets talked about in the same breath as those “crazy hormones.” Perspective is living through how much time babies need and deserve and that real switch you feel in priorities when there are fresh people in the house. When the boys were born, it took nearly 8 months for me to feel like I wanted time for house projects and life errands—the painting, the cleaning, the organizing, etc. Eight months is a scary number. As a bonafide type-A person, I barely like to let my to-do list sit for 8 hours, let alone 8 months. So, I got to work.

Here’s all the stuff I’ve been up to over the last two months—some big, some small, some uncompletely necessary (lol).

 I Organized Every Drawer and Cabinet in the House

Every single drawer and cabinet in our house has been purged, cleaned and organized. Crazy? Yes. Worth it? Probably. 😉 I did a few drawers or cabinets a night over the period of a few weeks, so it didn’t feel like a huge task overall. The house feels lighter, I can find everything I need and there’s no longer that dusty bottle of Bath & Body Works sparkle lotion lurking in the back cabinet.

We Had Our Deck Built

I mentioned this in our 2016 recap post, but this was a big one and 100% fueled by the realization that a baby was coming soon. Warmer temperatures will come soon enough and when I’m home with all three kids by myself, we’re going to need a backyard that’s safe for play for the twins while I watch with the baby. It’s been a big peace of mind having that done and I can’t wait to get out there and soak up some Vitamin D.

We Built 11′ of Hidden Storage in Our Bonus Room

I’ll post the full project in January (the above pic is progress… and obviously not hidden yet), but remember all that baby stuff I told you about? Well… it needed a place to go until we were ready for it. A place to go that isn’t gross/dusty (ahem… basement) but is also hidden out of sight. The third floor was the answer, but it didn’t have any closets… nothing. It’s just a big open room. My dad and I managed to get 11′ of closeable/hidden storage done for about $100 using hollow-core doors as the top and giant shelf brackets.

Edit: Pssst… Here’s the full tutorial!

I Got My Wedding Ring Set Cleaned/Re-Done

I try to do this once a year, so this was on already on my list. I had my rings checked for any loose stones, tightened, cleaned and re-dipped. Simple, although it always feel strange to walk around for a few days without my wedding rings! They’ll be good for another year.

We Fixed Our Basement and Siding

The basement had some semi-critical issues and when news of baby boy came, we got on it right away. We had a structural 113-year old beam that was starting to twist from the weight of the house, which you can sort of see in the photo above. See how the top had started to twist to the left? We also had a stairway that was starting to crumble. Lastly, we found a squirrel hole along the roof line of the house that needed to be patched and painted. Done, done and done.

We Refinanced Both Houses (Or At Least Tried To)

Our mortgages make us angry sometimes (it’s the last debt we have… and we’d like to get rid of it like yesterday), so we try to keep an eye on mortgage rates and if it goes low enough, refinance to reduce the number of years on our mortgage terms. We have two houses—our current house and the Covington house, which we’ve been renting for the last two years. Mortgage rates were so awesome in early November… until suddenly they weren’t. The rates aren’t good enough right now for it to make sense, so it’s on pause, but we tried. Fingers crossed those rates go back down again. The good news is we’re approved, so re-starting the process shouldn’t be too difficult. (I’m not holding my breath on this one. I just checked again and they continue to creep up and up… darnit!)

I Unsubscribed to 99% of My Email Subscriptions

I had nearly 300 email subscriptions to random shops and stores—many who sent me multiple emails a day. Yuck! And they were so distracting. And overwhelming. My inbox was exploding. The sale emails created this false sense of hope/excitement that a major deal might be lurking, and so off I’d go to see if I could score. I never did! I can’t tell you the last time an email sparked a purchase from me. It felt good to let this go. I kept a few (I mean, I’m not that crazy) like Target, Journey’s Kidz (my kids’ growing shoe size is hard to keep up with and I need all the sales I can get) and Buy Buy Baby. I tried to use earlier this year without much luck (many of the subscriptions figured out a way to revive themselves), so I did it the old fashioned way, unsubscribing by hand to 10-15 lists whenever I had a moment.

I Got Rid of Half My Closet

The guest bedroom closet had become our second closet, housing most of our dressy clothes and winter gear. With that closet now the baby’s, we needed to consolidate down to one closet and big time. You know what’s easy to do when you’re big and pregnant and can’t fit into any of your regular clothes anyways? Donate them! Really… I recommend purging clothes while pregnant. It’s very easy to let things go when you can’t fit into them. 😉 But truly… I let go of everything I didn’t love and took a huge trunkful to Goodwill. Aaron and I, and all of our clothes both dressy, winter and regular, are in one closet in our master bedroom. The baby’s closet is ready for tiny clothes, diapers and blankets.

I’ve stopped this nonsense in more recent weeks. You know, trying to RELAX and enjoy this special time with my boys. I’ve slowly ramped up work on the nursery, but I’ve got a bit more time while I wait for some things to ship in. Until then… I’m sure I’ll be sharing those plans pretty soon! I have lots of fun stuff planned. And if you follow me on Snapchat (@emilykmay1), I’ve already spilled the plans. Can’t help myself.



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  • Wow you’ve gotten a lot done. I’ve been purging like crazy too and doing random stuff around the house.

  • Haley says:

    Congratulations on getting so much done!

    Thank you for calling it perspective. I hate the term “nesting “. People ask me all the time if I am nesting or pregnant when I talk about home projects. I doubt that happens to my fiancée.

  • Haley says:

    You’ve gotten a lot done! I agree with the purging your clothes while pregnant. I did the same thing and probably got rid of 3/4 of my clothes. There isn’t a single thing I miss and it was much easier for me to let go of things that I didn’t like.

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