Giant (and Affordable) Photo Frames for the Entry

Our entryway is now home to three huge framed photos of our favorite people.

3 Giant Photo Frames

The entryway has slowly been transforming for nearly a year now (eep!) and we are cruising into the home stretch with the addition of these frames. I’ve been determined to get this sucker done before Christmas. The last big (literally) project was taking care of this enormous amount of wall space on the far wall.

It may not look it in pictures, but from the front corner to the stairs, we’re dealing with nearly 12′ of wall space. And it looked cavernous and cold without anything there. I knew I needed something big and dramatic.

And then I stalled for months, because “big and dramatic” often means “my poor wallet.”

I’m not sure why I had such a creative block when it came to this wall. My mind tortured me. Should I do a gallery wall? Should I do wall objects? Mirrors? A 3 x 3 grid of sorts? I saw this post on framed engineer prints on Chris Loves Julia and it was a a-ha moment. Of course! I’ve used engineer prints a couple of times before (essentially, they’re very large, but inexpensive black and white prints on cheap paper from Staples/Office Max/Kinkos-type stores) so it was perfect. I needed big and I needed cheap. Done and done.

Aaron was taking pics of the kids one day and we thought they’d be perfect candidates for the entry.

3 Giant Photo Frames3 Giant Photo Frames

3 Giant Photo Frames

He cleaned them up a bit in Photoshop—removing wall outlets and some of the floor trim. We wanted them to look as clean as possible. Below are how the photos looked when we sent them off to Staples for printing.

3 Giant Photo Frames

We bought 3 white 24″ x 35.75″ RIBBA frames from IKEA, which were $16.99 a piece to mount each print. Each engineer print was $8, which means we were able to get everything done for $75. For 12′ of wall space, that’s not too shabby. 

3 Giant Photo Frames

3 Giant Photo Frames

3 Giant Photo Frames

3 Giant Photo Frames

3 Giant Photo Frames

Just to recap, here’s what I’ve done to this space over the last year:

Installing a new light and striping the wall

Painting the interior front door black

“Building” the Stikwood wall

Finding a new rug

Moving around furniture to have a sit-down, put-shoes-on space

Adding the large mirror, bench and shoe storage



Getting so close!



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