Our Entryway is Complete! The Official Before and After

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

This is a very rare room makeover for me in that I was actually patient and didn’t complete it in a few weeks. It was… refreshing? Maybe somewhat alarming? Ha! From start to finish it took eight months. Life, kids and a full-time job were somewhat to blame, but honestly, I intentionally took it slow with this space. The entryway is all about function for us, so in addition to feeling like us it also had to really work hard for us. By going slow, I was able to course correct and shift sails nearly all the way through. Not sure I’ll do it again that way, being a sucker for quick gratification, but it’s nice to know patience is still in there somewhere.

So let’s go back… move-in day… to how this space originally looked. It stayed virtually the same for a long time, but I did manage to get up the paper and clean the floors. 😉

Wallace House

This space had to do a couple of things for us:

  • Storage, storage, storage—we have zero closet space on the first floor, so we needed to get creative on closed storage
  • A play space—we also have limited play space on this level, thanks to the massive sectional sofa in the living room.
  • A true entryway—a place for shoes, coats and keys
  • A place to pause—a lot of shoes get put on here, so we needed a place to sit!

In February, there was a rush of activity. I installed a giant gold Sputnik-style chandelier from Joybird (goodbye boob light!), color-blocked the walls and painted the door black (Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams). The “COV” letters (for Covington) are from a local shop, Elm & Iron.

Entryway Progress

Tricorn Black Door

I also refinished the main door knob, working hard to restore its brass glow. The nickel deadbolt was replaced with this beauty from MyKnobs.com.

Here is the before…

And the after…

In March I created this teepee for the boys’ birthday, which resides in the entryway too, taking care of the whole “place to play” request. Between the teepee, the bench and the bottom steps of the stairs, it’s one of their favorite “rooms” to hang out in.

Summer brought the giant wall of refinished wood from Stikwood. I really wanted this entry to be packed with personality and character. It is, after all, our home’s first impression. The ceilings in here are tall, yet the space is tiny so all the drywall felt a little constrictive. The bump out (which houses our main ductwork) was the perfect place for the install, which happened over a period of a few weeks. You can read more about it on these posts: selecting my Stikwood color and installing. One thing to note: If you have toddlers, try to keep it above their reach level. We are getting good at removing splinters!

Quick Furniture Switcheroo

DIY Stikwood Installation

And then, after that, progress was at a stand still. It looked like the below for a long time, mainly because I could not for the life of me figure out storage. Should I do a huge wardrobe-like cabinet for shoes, coats and brooms? Or something small for shoes?

An Entryway Update

On a whim one day, I switched the furniture placement on the two walls: the wall to the left of the door (divides the entry from the living room) and the Stikwood wall. This freed up that entire divider wall to storage… except I got really tricky with it, putting a long bench with round mirror on the entryway side (seating… check!), and the shoe storage directly behind the wall.

Here’s the entryway side, featuring this awesome (and huge!) round mirror. I also added this colorful rug in this post, which tied in a lot of the color I have going on throughout the first floor.

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

And just on the other side of the wall is this storage solution (it’s the STALL from IKEA, but installed without the legs).

Entryway Progress

And then finally, this Fall, it was time to add a final layer of pretty. I shopped the house for pillows for the bench, added some accessories and hung giant, affordable art on the long wall.

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

3 Giant Photo Frames

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

I’m so glad to be done! I needed to get this post up so that I could start decorating for Christmas. 🙂 It’s time!



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