DIY Metal Wall Planter With House Numbers (AKA the Easiest DIY in History)

Semi-DIY House Numbers Sign

Semi-DIY House Numbers Sign

This is the easiest DIY in maybe DIY history. It’s possible this project does not even qualify as a true DIY (lol!) but let’s just go with it. Here’s how it all began: I started to see a certain style of address sign all over the internet (basically a wall planter + house number combo) and I was determined to have one of my own. We do have house numbers on our house, but they’re hidden and illegible from the street. We have not been kind to the pizza delivery and UPS guy/gal for this reason. And those are the two types of people I need on my good side. 😉

So I started my search. There were DIYs out there (like this awesome one from A Beautiful Mess or this Shanty2Chic version), but they required lots of cutting and measuring (and lately anything I touch with wood and glue comes out looking like a total dumpster fire). I thought I had struck gold when I came across this ready-made version at Schoolhouse Electric, but it was $150. Yikes! I needed a creative solution.

Here’s what I used to pull this project together.

Step 1 – Spray Paint the Wall Planter, Washers and Tops of the Screws


The metal wall planter comes in a super rustic finish, which arrived looking super cute, but I wanted something more simple and modern. I didn’t want a shine at all, so I chose a flat black spray paint. I also sprayed the metal washers and the tops of the screws. The washers are completely optional. The sign came with two large keyholes, which would have shown the brick wall behind it, so I opted to cover the keyholes with the washers.

Step 2 – Hang Wall Planter on Wall Using Anchors

My dad was in town so I got the benefit of sitting back and relaxing, while he hung this up for me. Thanks Dad! I had purchased this anchor kit ahead of time which made things so easy. The steps he followed were generally the same as this tutorial. Super basic… drill big hole using concrete drill bit (it comes in the kit I mentioned above), hammer in anchor, screw in sign. Fin!

Step 3 – Add Magnetic House Numbers

Semi-DIY House Numbers Sign

This is my favorite part of the whole sign. Because the numbers are magnetic, I can move them around based on whatever I’m displaying in the box. I love, LOVE that flexibility.

Semi-DIY House Numbers Sign

I laughed when I remembered the pumpkins are still in the shot. We are in the weird between stage where the pumpkins are still very much well and alive, but the Christmas stuff has come out to play. I just can’t bare to throw them away. So they will stay, alongside my Christmas decor, for as long as they hold on. Merry Hallowmas. 🙂

Semi-DIY House Numbers Sign

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. May your heads be clear of turkey and your homes ready to begin the Christmas festivities. It’s time!



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