Dresser in the Master Bathroom

I took a little break from all of the entry way progress and set my sights on the storage issue in our master bathroom. I mention this in my 2016 house goals post, but essentially our towels and bedding have been living in this cardboard moving box for the last year. Yuck. As you can see we are in desperate need of a linen closet of some sort.

Dresser in the Bathroom

And while a closet would be awesome, that’s not really going to happen here. We’re limited on space but do have this nice open wall at the end of our master bathroom. This is an older photo below (from our first walkthrough) but the area behind the door to the john is quite big.

Master Bathroom - The open door is the toilet

I didn’t want to install a big cabinet because there’s already a lot going on. The double vanity is HUGE so a second large item didn’t seem right.

Here’s where my late night Craigslist surfing pays off. I found this cute oak and brass dresser for $100. It’s a great size and scale for that wall.

Dresser in the Bathroom

It’s not the greatest quality (the drawers are not fun to close) and $100 was probably steep, but it’s here and I have storage and that’s all I need to be a happy camper.

Dresser in the Bathroom

I laugh at the photo above because it’s a great visual representation of the house’s current style (the vanity) versus what I’d like this house to become (the dresser). We will slowly chip away at it. And in the meantime, I’ll just pretend that it actually looks like this in here.

The top of the dresser has all of my daily necessities: my hand mirror, my jewelry box and my makeup bag. And yes, now you know where I keep my jewelry. If you’d like to break in and get your hands on a good two pounds of cheap costume jewelry, be my guest. 😉

Dresser in the Bathroom

I’ve got all the drawers organized now and it starts at the top with towels and works its way down to bedding. Each drawer is decently large, so 3 sets fit well.

Dresser in the Bathroom

I have no idea why I put this project off for so long. I tried to convince myself several times that the cardboard box wasn’t causing any harm, but now that it’s done, I’m kicking myself for waiting! There’s something so luxurious about pulling your crisp, folded towel out of drawer instead of a crumbled mess from a dusty cardboard box. Huh, imagine that.

And now I’m just curious. Anyone else rocking a piece of furniture in their bathroom?



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