Dogs, Rugs and BISSELL

By November 18, 2015Haus Hacks

I am a little maniacal about things smelling like dog. One of my greatest fears is someone will walk into the house and sniff, sniff… ew, does that smell like dog? I would die.

Dogs and RugsThat being said, I’m convinced I can smell dog most of the time. Aaron says I’m crazy, but I swear it’s there. I don’t know if it’s the type of fabric our sofa is, if it’s because the rug is cheap, if it’s because things are just more wet all the time (thanks drool, milk and spills), but I swear it’s there! We did not have this problem in our last house. It just drives me batty. I even went and bought a dehumidifier for the basement to help with it, thinking that the high humidity was amplifying the odor. And of course lots of vacuuming, which usually happens between the hours of 12 am and 1 am because.. well I’m crazy.

You know who is sponsoring this post. You can see where this is going. When my sponsorship partner contacted me about doing a post for BISSELL, I was like OMG YES PLEASE WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO! I WILL PAY THEM FOR ALL I CARE. As you can see, I was excited. A few days later, the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet 1548 (to be specific) showed up on my doorstep. Dogs and Rugs

You guys. Yes, yes, yes. Suge’s like, “Noooo! Not my dander!” Dogs and RugsThis thing is fierce. It’s better than Rug Doctor, and that’s saying something. It’s super light (I can have a baby on my hip while I whip this thing around the house) and even better, it has multiple cleaning modes. One of my biggest gripes about cleaning carpets and upholstery is that I don’t necessarily have the time to do a deep, wet clean and then wait for things to dry in 24 hours. With the Express Clean mode I only have to wait an hour. I can do that! That’s a walk with the babies while everything dries.

Dogs and RugsThe suction is insanely powerful. So powerful I would be careful with high-pile carpets and rugs, just like how you would treat a Dyson. Everything is heated too, so the water stays nice and hot throughout the entire job. This picture is gross, but look how much gunk it got out of my entryway rug, even after I had vacuumed. The water was black. EW. (Also, please tell me I’m not the only one who gets a sick pleasure at looking at how dirty the water gets afterwards.) Dogs and RugsMy babies are at that age where we are playing on the floor nearly all of the time. I love knowing that everything is nice and clean and nothing yucky can get in their mouths. As much as we try to take of our shoes at the front door, we aren’t always successful, so regular carpet cleaning is a must. Dogs and RugsOne of my main requirements for any carpet cleaner is that it has to have an upholstery tool. We are HARD on our upholstered furniture. We spill, the babies drool and the dogs have full reign of the furniture. I love the suction and ease of use with this wand. Dogs and Rugs

With the holidays coming up, I love knowing that I have this tool in my arsenal against dog smell and just plain dirtiness. And I’m looking forward to reducing my level of crazy just a bit. 😉

When you come over, I’ll probably ask you if you can smell anything. Lol. Now excuse me while I go clean my rugs again.


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  • Sarah G says:

    I love this post SO HARD! I have two cats in a <1,000 sq ft apartment, with baseboard heat in the Northeast…to say that I'm overly cautious about keeping our apartment from smelling like…well, anything really, over the winter when there's no air circulation is an understatement! I rent so I haven't taken the plunge to buy a carpet cleaner myself, but I do borrow one from a friend a few times a year and HOLY COW do I look forward to it every time! Some of my closest friends are used to getting the videos of me dumping the disgusting water out now, because I find it extra satisfying (slash disgusting) to see how nasty black that water is!

    • Hahahahaha! I may or may not have several black water photos in my Camera Roll. I’m a blackhead popper too. The satisfaction of removing gunk from things is my favorite. We may be soul sisters. 😉

  • Kim says:

    This looks like an amazing piece of machinery. I also worry about dog smells, especially in our tiny little space. I love that it’s heated – who would have thought?

  • ooh, nice! I keep thinking I need to get something that will really clean our carpets. We have an old Electrolux from Dave’s grandparents that’s very slowly dying on us. It’s past the point where it makes sense to keep paying to have it repaired, but I need to find a way to let go….

  • Branson says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to double sheet the toddler bed. When I am done washing Aiden’s sheets I put a fitted sheet on his mattress like normal, but then I flip the mattress and put a fitted sheet on the OTHER side as well. This way if there is a midnight accident I can just take off the wet sheet and flip the bed! No fumbling around for a sheet! 🙂 mattandbranson @

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