DIY Velvet Pom Pom Pillows

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Alternate Title: How to Create Pillows Your Dog is Sure to Chew

I’m sure most of you are aware of the whole “Put a Bird on It” decor phenomenon that’s been happening for the last several years. I’ve got a slew of bird items around my casa, but I’d like to present an updated rendition of that same theme.

“Put a Pom Pom On It”

I can think of literally nothing decor-wise that doesn’t get better when pom poms are added. I love them and I put them on a lot of stuff. Pillows, roller shades, lamp shades, table runners… I’ve sewed many a pom pom in my day. Pom poms definitely subscribe to the more quirky side of the decorating spectrum and you know by now that playfulness and quirk is right up my alley.

This is one of those projects where you can zone out in front of a NetFlix binge. For me, I did these on the way up to Illinois to see my sister and her husband. It’s time-consuming (took about 5 hours to do both pillows, but I’m also a beginner sewer) but worth it!


  • (1) Hand Sewing Needle (you’ll want a small size, not an upholstery needle)
  • Basic Cotton Thread
  • 50 Felted Wool Pom Poms (based on a 18″ pillow)
  • Velvet pillow (mine is from World Market)
  • Scissors

Note: The World Market pillows are VERY inexpensive ($10) but come with bad polyfill inserts. They are zippered covers so I remove them and replace them with down inserts. I like these. The photos shown in this post are all with down inserts.

For the pom pom colors, I tried to pick of mix of primary (red, yellow), jewel tone (fuschia, kelly green) and neutral colors (pink, olive green). I’ve been especially happy with this eBay shop’s color selection, which can be customized per order. My specific choices from my order were: Royal Fuschia, Persimmon, Pumpkin, Phythal Green, Midnight Green, Old English Rose, Jade Green, Army Green, Black, Gold, Purple, Heart Red.

Attaching the pom poms is easy and keep in mind I have NO sewing skills whatsoever. I did a single running stitch to attach the base of the pom pom to the pillow, then I flipped the pillow inside out, held the pom pom with my hand underneath the fabric and stitched into the pom pom from the other side. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done this way, but this is what worked fastest and cleanest for me.

The zipper side was easy enough to figure out and you can’t even tell the pom poms are placed a little further back to make room for the zipper.

I attached each pom pom as close to the zipper without disrupting its function with a similar-type stitch.

I made two pillows total, one for each sofa. I love how they pair with my watercolor pillows (which are on sale!).It was so easy to take a look at what I had going on in the room, including those existing pillows, to help pick colors for the pom poms too.

I’m being very precious with these pillows and barely let them out of my sight. This will last ohhh… a few days. I can only be precious about something for so long. 🙂 Suge doesn’t seem to be interested but his Boston Terrier self does not see a cute velvet pom pom pillow, he sees a BALL. MUST HAVE BALL NOW. PLAY NOW. He’s lucky he’s so darn cute. It looks like he’s taking a deuce on this pillow, but he’s mid-launch during a catch session. I’m not sure why I’m including it. I guess just to remind myself of real life around here.

Watercolor pillows are Kate Spade Saturday… and they’re on sale!

Now, what else can I attach a pom pom to….




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