Creating a Nursery: Sources and Cost

Well hey there fine friend. Whenever I do room makeovers, I always try to post sources (like the kitchen) and if I can, cost (like the ostrich bathroom). Yes, it tells you where/how to find certain things but for me it’s invaluable because otherwise I forget and have no clue where something came from! Also, costs. Sharing costs makes me twitch sometimes (it seems really personal?), but I try to do it to provide some context for the project. This room may be on the cheap side for some while too spendy for others… I get feedback on this that’s all over the map. So, for the sake of consistency with how I’ve done these posts in the past, let’s lay it all out there.



Wall Art

  • Smile Print – Keep Calm Gallery – $0 (from old living room)
  • “Don’t Grow Up” Banner – DIY – $10


  • Changing Table – Source Unknown – $75 via Craigslist (we talk about our twin crib solution here)
  • Bassinet Pad – Babies R Us – $25
  • Pad Cover – Aden – $17
  • Diaper Pail – Diaper Genie Elite Pail System – $30*

I tried to mark what we got as gifts (*) from our amazing family and friends (for example, our parents bought the cribs for the boys) or via blog partnerships (c/o), so luckily for us, this nursery was completely doable and within our budget. I mean, it’s our first babies, and I don’t know about you, but I could have gone about 100% more crazy in here and bought all. the. things!!

There are probably some affiliate links in here—sometimes my plug-in works and sometimes it doesn’t. Basically all that means is that if you click on any of the links, I get a few pennies (literally!) in my bank account.

That’s all folks. Happy hump day.



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  • love this space so much- love the blue dresser and i love that they have a mantle!

  • I’m still totally impressed with the deal you got on that rug! Such a lovely, calm space you’ve made–good job 🙂

  • It’s so adorable, Emily! Love the way it all came together! The “Don’t Grow Up” banner is my favorite – the perfect piece!

  • Lyndsey says:

    This room makes me smile, I hope the boys love it.

    Was the glider a worthy investment? Do you find yourself using it? Is there something that you didn’t splurge on that you wish you had? I always wonder how my friends approached their nursery budget and what I should keep in mind for the future! 🙂

    • Yes! We searched forever for one that had a high enough back, good fabric, wide enough for two babies and just an overall good design. I wish the ottoman would glide too but I didn’t like the look of the ones that do.

      There’s nothing that I feel like I left out. At least not yet. Now… For things NOT in the nursery that’s a whole other list on what I bought/wish I bought

  • Paige says:

    Spend what you’re gonna spend. I didn’t think I was going to spend the extra $1,000 on new closet doors when my other ones broke — you never know! You just want to be comfortable and happy when you spend time in that room. It’s beautiful!

  • Oh gosh. Who knew a nursery budget could be so hard to stick too. Must buy all of the things. When in reality the kid (or plural) doesn’t need like any of it. Well, probably the crib.

    I love how this turned out. Hope those little dudes are growing like weeds! And sleeping well. 😉

  • I love the nursery!! It’s simple, clean, and so beautiful!

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