Color Correction Before & After

By March 21, 2011Craft & Create

When I first bought my house about 3 years ago, I immediately painted each room a a different color. A typical story of being overwhelmed at the paint aisle and buying a gallon in every color I liked. I knew better, but I did it anyway. Ugh. Now, I am a little more mature about my color choices, choosing whites, blacks, browns and grey with a lot of help from my Domino book and Louise (my design advice-giver). Here is quick look at my front room. This is the second room I’ve color-corrected.

Before, walls in Behr Fossil Butte:

Emily Snuffer

And now (almost done), walls in Ralph Lauren Cannon:

Emily Snuffer

I’m leaving some wall space open for a chalkboard wall (see below) and will post pics of that soon.

Emily Snuffer

What do you think?

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