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It’s Starting to Look Like Home: Part 3

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Here’s the last post in this little series! There’s a few more rooms to go, but they’re still a mess and will have to wait for another day. You can see the living room and entry way, as well as the kitchen in those previous posts.

Our bedroom is on the second floor of the house, at the end of a short hallway just off the stairs. It’s a good size and the furniture from the old house fits perfectly, with a little room to grow too. At the old house, the king MALM bed was too big for the room (it was Aaron’s from his old house) and we couldn’t open the closet door all the way. I’m happy to report we have full clearance here. I can’t ask for much more than that!

It's Starting to Feel Like Home: Part 3

That little blue box at the end of the bed is Biggie’s booster step. It’s still going strong!

Let’s talk the paint color. I think it’s here to stay! It makes the white MALM set look good and that makes me happy! I was over all of the MALM stuff big time at the old house, but I plan to keep them around for a little bit longer. They’re in great shape, they look good and work just fine. And anyways, I’ve got bigger fish to fry!

If you’re sitting on the bed and looking out into the hallway, this would be your view.

It's Starting to Feel Like Home: Part 3

Those frosted doors to the left is our closet. Doors are closed because it’s a big ‘ole mess (we need some sort of organizer system). The door to the hallway is in the center of the photo… the guest bathroom door is directly across the hall. Back in the room, our bathroom is the space to the right.

In the bathroom looking into the bedroom, here is our view.

It's Starting to Feel Like Home: Part 3

Have I mentioned that we really, REALLY need window treatments? The sun blazes through these windows so blackout shades/curtains seem the way to go! And I promise I won’t wait 5 years to put shades up this time…

Now, let’s talk the rug. I LOVE this rug! I initially bought it for our kitchen makeover at the old house but it works well in here too. I’m not sure if we’ll do a large area rug in here eventually, but for now, this little rug works well as a soft place for the pups to stretch in the morning. We are happy!

If it wasn’t for the paint color, this room would look crazy similar to our old bedroom. If only we had a pretty stained glass window! I am missing that window!

It's Starting to Feel Like Home: Part 3


The stretch of wall space in the photo above (where the light switches are) will be the future home of a small dresser and a TV.

So that’s our bedroom! With the help of window treatments, maybe a large rug, another piece of furniture and some accessories, we will be all set for awhile! Most of our accessories (little decor tabletop stuff) is still at our old house as a part of the staging, so bringing that over will help out a lot too.

That’s it folks! Not sure if I’ll be back before Christmas, so just in case, have a very Merry Christmas!