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The Gift of Storage

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I’m back! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We have just returned from our annual holiday tour of the tri-state to visit family and friends and it was We’re trying to store as much happy energy from these past few days as much as possible to ward off the blah’s of January. The magic and spirit of the season is coming to an end and the decorations seem to have lost their sparkle. It’s the worst! I especially don’t want to take down the decorations in this new house… I’m convinced they were why this house felt like home so quickly.

Aaron and I both got so many great gifts. I think the best types of gifts are ones you both need and want… the gifts that keep giving. In our case, this type of gift came in the form of basement storage. You see… basement storage has always been something I’m terrible at. I never got around to it at the old house and it showed! Just random piles and teetering plastic shelves.

When we moved everything over from the old house, it was a big goal of mine to get the storage figured out right away. Because check out this hot mess just after we moved everything in:

The Gift of Storage


And that’s where the gift came in. My dad’s Christmas gift to us this year was exactly the thing we needed (and wanted): BASEMENT STORAGE!

He showed up with 72 linear feet of storage with these two, 8′ wood storage units. We created a little storage room in the back corner of the basement, behind the stairs.

The Gift of Storage

The height of each shelf is around 20″—making it the perfect height for plastic storage totes. We’ve yet to organize the shelves (what you see here is us just getting some things out of the way to build!), but it’s on our list for our last few days off this week.

In the back corner, I set up this plastic shelf that holds every paint can that came with the house. We have nearly full cans of every color for each room and these shelves are organized as such. If we ever need to patch something, we will be ready.

The Gift of Storage

The shelves themselves are constructed with plywood and 2 x 4’s. I had shown my dad this tutorial a few months back, which he followed loosely. Ours were customized based on the size of our space and the height of the basement. Each shelf has been attached to the rafters, so there’s no chance of one of these big boys falling over and harming anyone!

The Gift of Storage

Those IKEA rugs are leftover from Aaron’s living room. It’s a dry basement, so the rugs will stay there as long as the basement holds tight!

So that’s what’s been exciting me lately. Lots and lots of organized, decent-looking storage. I feel so grown-up! I can’t wait to go through our stash and set these shelves up in a way that makes sense for us.

How is everyone? Are you recovered from the holidays? Anyone else mourning the end of the Christmas season like me??

Much love and be back here soon!