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Freshly Painted

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The guest bedroom walls are now sporting their very own shade of almost white/nearly gray. Porter’s “Silver Sword” to be exact.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

Let’s step back. Back when I shared the plans for this room, the walls were carrying a sage-y green gray tone.

Wallace House

The color (Chatroom by Sherwin Williams) was not my fave but I was trying to talk myself into keeping the color. I haven’t been exactly jazzed about painting these days (not because of babies, but because I needed a break after the 2014 renovation marathon that was the old house). Anyways, y’all stepped in and said PAINT THOSE DAMN WALLS and that was the motivation I needed. I think I started that night. YOU WERE SO RIGHT.

So here we are. Everything is so much lighter and brighter. It feels good to put down the white paint cans and pick up something with even just a tiny bit of color. I could get used to this!

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

I have to admit, as much as I was dreading the project, I really do love the whole process of painting. I zone out, turn on some podcasts and paint away. I’m worried about fumes this time around so I had the Porter color mixed up in the Sherwin Williams ProMar200 line, which touts Zero VOCs.

I wish I could take a little bit of credit for the color chosen, but I found a full can in the basement. I’m all about free these days (and avoiding the color chip aisle) so luckily it all worked out. This is the same color as our living room.

I ordered the same Tuscan bamboo roller shades from Overstock (that’s an affiliate link… I earn a small commission) I used in the old house. I love that the tone is different from the floors. It keeps it from looking too matchy matchy. Plus I think this specific tone lends itself well to that whole eclectic boho vibe.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

That mirror is hung too high but I’ll fix it when we move on to the next round: hanging curtains and painting the campaign dresser.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

Our campaign dresser (which I still need to paint) will go in the spot that the tiny 3-drawer guy is currently. I found that little dresser in my landlord’s trash in college and I swear I will never get rid of it. It’s one of the only pieces of furniture that survived the basement hoard purge, multiple times over. It’s really not that grand… I dunno… I’m just attached to it for a reason I can’t understand.

Freshly Painted Guest Bedroom

Progress feels good! And happy Friday!