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Entryway Progress with Bona Floor Cleaner

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This post is sponsored by Bona Floor Cleaner.

For whatever reason, having an entryway (or foyer, if you’re fancy) was really important when we were on the hunt for a new house. At our old house, the front door opened up directly into a small living room… nearly missing the back of a sofa! A more spacious entryway seemed like a total luxury. A separate space to set mail! A cute little area to set up a vignette! A place to toss shoes! The possibilities seemed endless.

And here we are. We have an entryway! And all of those benefits I had dreamed about came true. But there was more I wasn’t expecting. Entryways are a lot of pressure! They provide the home’s first impression. From the floors, to the walls, to the decor… it all seems important to get right in the first space you enter.

That being said… we are maybe 20% there. But hey, it’s progress!

Entryway Progress with Bona Floor Cleaner

There’s still a lot of work to do (paint, maybe wallpaper?, styling, maybe a stair runner) but it feels good to get even a little bit of a start. The gold Sputnik light overhead is what I purchased with my Joybird store credit and it is beautiful! And holy cow BRIGHT! Yes, it will be going on a dimmer. The large palm plant we inherited from Aaron’s parents. It outgrew its spot in their home, so we gladly adopted it. It’s the perfect size for this little corner… I can’t wait until it gets massive. The gold foil Covington print Aaron made me a few Christmases back. It was hanging in the kitchen at the old house.

The biggest pain point in the entry are the floors. Dark floors + high traffic area + winter = GROSS!

Entryway Progress with Bona Floor Cleaner

We have tried every kind of mop/cleaner you can imagine on these floors. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop, Swiffer Wet Vac, Libman’s Mop (which worked great on my laminate floors), Pine-Sol, Water and Vinegar, the Shark steam cleaner and the Bona Hardwood Mop. Of all of those, there are two that have risen to the top. Shark steam cleaner and Bona… without a doubt the best in my mind when dealing with dark floors: no residue!! We love the Shark steam cleaner for the weekend deep clean (there’s something about the steam that makes the floors feel amazing, but it requires more set-up time) and we use the Bona hardwood mop for in between touch-ups. I’m sure Bona loves me mentioning Shark but hey, they’re both good and that’s my honest opinion.

Entryway Progress with Bona Floor Cleaner

The thing we love most about Bona is that it’s a great result in a very short amount of time. Just spray and mop. There’s no residue, it leaves a shine and it dries quickly. The trifecta! Plus, I can appreciate that it’s non-toxic and safe, but honestly I’m the type to pour chemicals on these floors if it meant a good, clean shine!

Entryway Progress with Bona Floor Cleaner

Here are the entryway floors after a quick Bona touch-up. Not too shabby!

Entryway Progress with Bona Floor Cleaner

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For you Bona fanatics out there or if you’d like to give it a try, sign up for the mailing list and get a $3 off coupon instantly.

Yay for progress and yay for clean floors. It makes me feel almost ready for Spring.