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Master Bedroom Progress!

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We’ve made some pretty decent progress in the master bedroom recently—a new rug, curtains, bedding, drapes and some furniture! It’s getting there! We’ve got quite a bit more to do (here’s the design plan post), but any progress is considered awesome progress around here.

Master Bedroom Progress

It wasn’t too long ago that it was looking more like this…

It's Starting to Feel Like Home: Part 3

We’ve yet to make the big visual changes yet—like painting the walls (DREADING IT!)—but it’s crazy to see how simple layers like bedding, rugs and drapes can change the space.


Master Bedroom Progress

This rug needed an 8′ x 10′ so I was on the hunt for an affordable option. I needed something muted, with just a tiny hint of pattern, and this Safavieh Valencia rug did the trick. I actually found this rug marked as “damaged” via eBay and got it for much cheaper. I have been loving this eBay shop for “damaged but mostly lovely” bargain rug finds.

Master Bedroom Progress


Master Bedroom Progress

I always tell people when designing spaces that dressing a window with a decent 96″+ drape and quality rod is going to cost you around $200/window. Fabric at that length and that width is just expensive, no matter which way you cut it. Now, there are certainly deals to be found and you best believe I was trying to get this closer to $150/window, which I almost succeeded at.

The black rods are from Walmart (believe it or not) and I LOVE THEM. They are heavy, feel very substantial and I like the style of the finials—mostly traditional with a touch of matte black modern. And get this—they are $25 a piece. That is unheard of.

The drapes are another awesome bargain find. Like I mention in this post on big-home living, I’m firmly footed in the land of 108″+ drapes thanks to our 9’+ ceilings, so finding affordable options that are fully lined and can also block light is really hard. The average is about $80/panel and with 3 windows to cover, that was just not happening. I also am fairly picky about the hanging style of the drape and prefer something that has both a pole pocket, tabs AND a sewed in panel for drapery hooks. High maintenance, I know. These 108″ blackout velvet drapes via Amazon did the trick!


Master Bedroom Progress

I have a white duvet in the design plan, but I’ve had this taupe floral bedding around for awhile now and wanted to see how it would look with the new, well, look. It’s from Dwell Studio—called the Georgia—and I do love it. It was a way for me to get my floral on, but yet neutral enough that Aaron didn’t feel completely silly with it pulled up around his ears at night (lol).


Nearly everything “new” you see here—the chair, the side table, the black task lamp, the blue shibori frames—are from Target. This was all stuff that I had purchased to stage the Holman house (and ultimately to live at this house) but I didn’t exactly plan on it all being within the same 5 feet of each other–ha! We have plans to swap out the art in those Target frames (the frames are incredible!) but I do like everything together here.

Chair / Side Table / Black Lamp (similar) / Blue Shibori Frames

Also, if you’re interested in the Target frames, they are made in a way that you cannot open the back of them. I think I can still get in there, but have yet to investigate how much damage opening up the back of those puppies might happen. Just so you’re aware…

I think that’s it!

Now on to painting… UGH!