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Adding Color To Our Front Yard

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It’s May! And May means gardening! I’m a gardening and plant novice in every sense of the word, but that doesn’t squelch my excitement to get started! I love how my flower beds look all freshly groomed, mulched and planted after the dreary, muddy winter we had. I heard someone say that a newly-mulched bed is like a fresh coat of paint of the outdoors and that is so true!

Adding Color To Our Front Yard

I have ZERO strategy when it comes to planting. I don’t have a design in mind… I have no idea which plants are tall and which are low. I just plant them where I think they’ll look pretty and hope for the best. One thing I have been focusing on, however, is choosing perennials vs. annuals. I hate spending all that money on annuals to only have them die after a few months! In the past, my annual to perennial ratio has been 1:3 (last year we planted a few tulip bulbs, for example), but this year it’s all about the perennials. (P/S: Am I the only one who constantly forgets which is which…. I am always googling “annual vs. perennial” while I’m out plant shopping… dur!)

When it was time to start planting this time around, Monrovia, a plant and gardening company, reached out in hopes we could partner up on some colorful planting goodness. I have to admit—I never paid much attention to brands and logos when I plant shop. I didn’t even know there were different brands of flowers! But when Monrovia promised longer lasting, better performing, colorful choices that was music to this plant novice’s ears. Monrovia is available at Lowe’s and I have to say… I was so impressed with their selection.

Adding Color To Our Front Yard

One thing I did before I headed to Lowe’s was check out Monrovia’s selection of flowers online. I put in my zip code and it told me the best types of flowers for my area and climate, details about blooming cycles and care instructions which I absolutely LOVE. And you guys know what a big online shopper I am… if there is something specific you need, you can actually purchase them online and get plants shipped to your local garden center. We’ve been looking for specific types of tall grasses for our backyard and now I’m not at the mercy of whatever my local places have available. Yes!

As far as what I picked, again I tried to focus more on perennials this year, like several of these beauties, called Uptick Gold & Bronze Coreopsis.

Adding Color To Our Front Yard

But of course I couldn’t resist a few annuals, like these giant pinky/purple dahlias, called Dahlinova Hypnotica Dahlia. (And not shown here, but I also picked up some geraniums, these Cumbanita Lilac Geraniums.
Adding Color To Our Front Yard

I just loved how these two look next to each other, with the boldness of the yellow next to the bright, almost-neon purple.

Adding Color To Our Front Yard

Once I had my plants purchased and home, I simply plop them in my front beds to check out placement and figure out what I want where. Easy peasy. This time around, I paid a little more attention to the tags to see if the placement made sense.

Adding Color To Our Front Yard

And then it’s just a matter of digging, smushing (technical term) them into place and watering. Here’s a fun little video we did of the whole process. Thank you nap time, baby wearing and a husband with video skills for making it all happen.

Colorful Plants with Monrovia from Go Haus Go on Vimeo.

The night before was Aaron and I’s first night out post-babies (and completely kid-free!) so safe to say we were a little tired the next morning. Most of the photos from this slap happy session look like this…

Adding Color To Our Front Yard

No regrets.

Psstt… if you need additional inspiration and how-to’s on planting colorful goodness, Monrovia has an excellent blog called Grow Beautifully.

Thanks so much to Monrovia for reaching out and partnering with me on this post!