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Nursery’s New Wall Color + More Progress

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The nursery is now so much more fresh and bright thanks to a new paint job. These walls are now coated in the loveliest shade of a warm, off-white called Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore.

Nursery's New Wall Color

It is a huge improvement of where we were. The previous sage-y green color was not doing the room any favors. The furniture was not popping, the entire room was dark even in good lighting, wall art looked flat…

Nursery's New Wall Color

Here is that same angle today, taken under the same lighting conditions.

Nursery's New Wall Color

And for the sake of easier comparison.

Nursery's New Wall Color

Much, much better.

As far as painting goes, my efforts to have this done by professionals instead of me didn’t exactly go as planned. The darn painters never showed up! I know they were working hard to fit me last minute in to their busy schedule, but Wednesday passed (their first day on the job) and by Thursday I quickly lost hope. By the time they had called me on Sunday to reschedule, I had already painted and re-assembled (with Aaron’s help of course) the entire space. Tackling this on my own was a proud pregnant moment if I do say so myself. I went sloowww… I normally paint rooms in a day and this time I stretched it over 3 days. Day 1 was rolling 2 coats, Day 2 was trimming out the corners/bottom trim and Day 3 was trimming out the top. Easy peasy and I felt great the entire time. Saving $200 wasn’t too shabby either.

This room is about 70% there and I will do a big reveal post when I’m all through, but I did want to share our changing table solution. When we made the decision to use the blue campaign dresser in here instead of a low dresser, that meant our changing table plans had to change. Changing two babies at our head level probably would not be a good idea. 🙂

We thought through a bunch of possible solutions for a changing station space (even an option Aaron referred to as the “poop bridge”) but ultimately we decided a vertical changing unit/thingy between the cribs was the best way to go. Except these are really, REALLY hard to find, unless you want to pay lots of money like this beautiful option.

Nursery's New Wall Color

And then I remembered those dual crib/changing station thingy-s. For you Parenthood fans, this is the type of crib that Amber’s dad gives to her that takes her forever to assemble, but then Ray Romano comes in to help and we all cried together. Anyhoo…


Perfect solution! Those attached changing stations are actually free-standing units. And these cribs are popular so they are all over Craigslist. I picked up my very own for $100, then discarded the crib side. It just stands between our two cribs. The finish doesn’t match perfectly, but good enough!

Nursery's New Wall Color

I can’t wait to share with you the final space. Here’s my list of things still to do:

  • Hang art on the walls (and we’re getting crafty with this one!)
  • Add a changing pad
  • Switch out the knobs to something brighter on the changing station (right now the station morphs into a black hole in these photos)
  • “Make” the beds—remove the plastic on the mattresses, add mattress pads and a crib sheet
  • Add curtains with blackout liners on both windows
  • Add a nightlight/lamp (MIFFY is on his/her(?) way)
  • Add adhesive liners to the blue campaign drawers
  • Figure out some sort of shelving/storage solution for next to the glider

I have been sewing up a storm, too. Can you tell I’m having so much fun? 🙂

More coming soon!