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Big Blue Dresser

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This post is sponsored by all free clear laundry detergent the 100% hypoallergenic formula safe for babies and sensitive skin.

The big blue dresser is an important piece of furniture in the boys’ room. This holds 99% of all of their clothes, plus a drawer leftover for miscellaneous supplies.

Baby Clothes Storage

I’ve posted about this dresser before, but to recap: this was a $50 Craigslist find I painted Sherwin Williams’ Georgian Bay. It was actually purchased for the guest room, but the paint color came out way bolder than I expected. It was a happy mistake, because this bold blue is nearly the exact same color as the blue in the nursery rug. So off to the nursery it went.

I set up the top of the dresser with a few of my favorite things, with the boys’ new Miffy lamp at the top of that list. The light on it is adjustable, so we can have a soft glow for nighttime feedings or something a little brighter for their bedtime routine.

Baby Clothes Storage

I’m still figuring out the best way to organize their clothes, but so far, grouping by size seems to be the best bet. I started out organizing each piece by type (separate drawers for onesies, pajamas, bottoms, etc.) but found myself fumbling to find the right size to bring to the NICU for outfit changes.

Baby Clothes Storage

Every item in this dresser has been washed with all free clear laundry detergent. Our nurses mentioned it for being safe for baby plus affordable, so yes… count us in. We’re using this exclusively for everything now… it’s less complicated and simple and those are two things I really treasure right now.

Baby Clothes Storage

A quick plug about this detergent… it’s 100% hypoallergenic and is the #1-recommended laundry detergent by pediatricians, dermatologists and allergists. I like that there are OPTIONS! So many of the “free of” detergents don’t have sister products, but these do, which makes my life easier. The free and clear formula includes dryer sheets, fabric softener, stain booster and more.

Baby Clothes Storage

We’re happy, the boys are happy and we’ve got a big blue dresser full of clean clothes ready to dress our boys around the clock.

Baby Clothes Storage

To say we are ready to have them home is an understatement! I think the big blue dresser agrees.



Psssttt…. it’s 6 months later and I have to admit—I’m not loving this detergent. It worked well in the beginning, but now I’m experiencing some build up? I’ve since switched to Tide Free & Gentle.