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Birthday Business (And Black Room Progress)

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Today is my birthday (go, me!) and my parents were here Sunday to celebrate. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. It included: furniture assembly, a concrete goose (more on that later), Chinese food, the Dye family, no painting, a semi-calm puppy, the Snuffer’s, a cowhide rug, pink icing, pizza, the May’s, two HUGE clematis plants and chocolate chip cookies. Not too shabby, right?

Here are the details – and some photos of the updated black room (a.k.a. the front room/library/entry way/storage area/dining room/gym/collapse-from-exhaustion area)

On Saturday, Aaron and I went to IKEA and purchased another round of Billy’s (more on that later… I sound like a broken record) and some other items for the bathroom (which I swear I will post soon… I’m waiting for some Etsy stuff to be delivered). Because these dang Billy’s are about 8″ too long for my car they require delivery. If I were left up to my own devices I’d be hanging out of the trunk clinging on to cheap, Swedish furniture for dear life all the way down I-75 south. Really, I would. I’ve actually considered it. In my opinion, there’s nothing stronger than a couple of bungee cords and several ounces of fear-induced adrenaline. But, I was with Mr. Safety (thank god for Aaron) and I paid for the more efficient and less risky IKEA delivery. That was the second best part of the trip. The first part was our next stop – Home Emporium to pick out my very first cowhide rug (a birthday gift from Aaron – isn’t he the sweetest?). Later that night, Aaron’s parents came over with dinner in-hand. They are the best and I love hanging out with them.

Now we’re at Sunday. When my parents asked what I’d like to do for my birthday (it was too late to go to the Zoo, as previously planned) you can guess what I had in mind – IKEA furniture assembly! It sounds terrible to most, but it is tres (I don’t know how to enter the accent mark) exciting for me.

And now pictures from the day:

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Some things to note about the above:

  • How yummy does that pink icing look? (It was.)
  • I’m having second thoughts about the curtains, which is why I have a test fabric draping over it. Do you like the new pattern? I am iffy.
  • I still don’t have chairs for the table, which is why we’re lounging pretty in the retro rockers. More about those here.
  • How cute is my mom?
As you all know, I’ve been slowly getting more Billy’s for the black room. Aaron and I picked up two more units (one double, one single) as well as the doors to add to the collection. Well guess what, the single wasn’t manufactured correctly. Boo. So we put up the double as well as the new doors. The original idea was to wrap these babies around the corner but now I’m thinking it would be too much. And where would Nicki Minaj rest her pretty head? I think I am satisfied for now. I still need to mount the extensions (it’ll add 14″ to their height) and install the cabinet lighting but I think it’s looking pretty good.
Here is where we were before, back in November:
Emily Snuffer
And then, I made a little progress in January:
Emily Snuffer
And yesterday, with the help of my parents and Aaron….
Emily Snuffer.
… we got to here…
Emily Snuffer
Emily Snuffer
It is almost┬áthere. Almost! I need chair help. And that cheap-o lamp should not be there. I’m sort of annoyed that I didn’t remove it before taking these pictures. So that’s where Black Room is today. And where were Tweedledee and Tweedledum during this entire process? Well they were right here:
Emily Snuffer
I swear I didn’t drug them or anything! They were so well behaved. I think the warm sun and the new comfy doggie bed helped. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I cannot believe I am 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) years old.
– emily