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Laundry Room Design Plan

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As I’ve mentioned in this previous post, the laundry room (among other rooms) has been a pain point for me. It lacks storage and is not customized to my needs. As a reminder, here’s what the laundry room looks like today:

Emily Snuffer

After messing around with a couple of ideas, here’s the design I’m really liking.

Emily Snuffer

A few notes – The laundry room cabinets will be painted white (along with the kitchen cabinets). The laundry room is meant to be an extension of the kitchen design, which I’m also working on. I like that the laundry room will have its own little flair. I spend a lot of time back there crafting, doing laundry and ironing, so I want it to be a little area I enjoy.

As far as sources go, here is what I’ve numbered above:

  1. Sparkling Brook interior paint by Martha Stewart (at Home Depot)
  2. Ikea’s Gunvor fabric (this will be used to cover the dreaded washer and dryer hook-ups)
  3. Room & Board’s Alexander Girard Madonna Panel
  4. blinds
  5. Ikea’s Sockerart pitcher (to have on hand to water plants, which I keep close to the laundry room. It should fit perfectly on the window sill)
  6. Ikea’s Stall organizer (it’s a shoe organizer, but will be used to hold toys, pee pads, laundry supplies, etc.)
  7. Pink rug – still looking for this one!

What do you think? I’ll start with the cabinets and walls, and then accessorize from there. In the meantime, I can start buying all the above goodies.

– emily