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Ok, I Goofed. Enter Laundry Room Plan, The Remix

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As I’ve written about here and here, I’ve been working on my laundry room. Two weeks ago, I posted this idea board below, along with sources and a very positive and confident attitude.

Emily SnufferWell… here’s the “Oops” part. As I got started putting the design in the room and on the walls, I hated it. Like really hated it. Similar to how the world is hating on Jennifer Love Hewitt at the moment. It seemed a little too young or something, or not well thought out. I dunno. It’s OK, I just wasn’t feeling it.

A light went off when Aaron said, “Your color does not need to be from your walls.” You see, I struggle with that. I always want the walls or the rug to be the mega-statement, when at the end of things, they might actually clash or be too overwhelming. Inspired by that thought, I went back to the idea of a light gray.

Before we get into the laundry room idea board fix, allow me to over-share on the complexity of gray paint hunting:

For those of you who have gone on the quest to find the right gray paint (or worse, have re-painted walls after picking the wrong gray paint) know selecting gray paint is such a pain in the arse. Gray is so tricky, especially if you’re after the muddy, muted gray that I like. I have no idea why finding the right gray is so hard. In my mind I make up this story that gray is an “unstable” color meaning there are several ways to make gray, via greens, blues and browns. Yea, I totally made that up.

After buying FOUR paint samples from Home Depot and weeks of staring at 10+ swatches on my walls and oh yea, buying a very expensive gallon of Restoration Hardware’s Stone, I finally came across Martha Stewart’s Bedford Gray. I had been ignoring that one because in the stores it looks brownish, like the color of clay almost. Go figure. Verdict – this one is a major winner for me. My suggestion for you is trial and error and know that the swatches in the store might actually look a totally different color than in your home. My wall was looking like this at one point:

Emily Snuffer

See how some grays can turn way too blue? Ugh. Also, did you know there’s a little story behind each paint swatch? I like Googling them. As it turns out, Martha Stewart’s home in Bedford, New York features an unbelievable kitchen, which she wanted all gray. After lots of formulations, she found a perfect gray and named it Bedford Gray. I wish me having Bedford Gray in my home made Martha and I buddies for life but it does not. (Random comment: Bedford is also the hometown of my Boston Terrier, Suge Knight. Bedford Indiana but still.)

Emily Snuffer

With Martha Stewart’s Bedford Gray decided on, I started to fill in the rest of the idea board. I’m calling this board the remix, because it’s similar to the first one but waaaaay better and sometimes makes you want to dance.  There’s no going back now as I’ve already purchased most of these items. Check it out:

Emily Snuffer

  1.’s Jute Rug in Aqua, 2′ x 3′,
  2. Ikea’s Gunvor fabric (this will be used to cover the dreaded washer and dryer hook-ups)
  3. White Roman Shade (still looking for this one, I think might be the winner)
  4. PBTeen’s Bird & Branch mirror
  5. Martha Stewart Living’s Bedford Gray paint
  6. Ikea’s Stall organizer (it’s a shoe organizer, but will be used to hold toys, pee pads, laundry supplies, etc.)
  7. Large white ceramic vases (I scored mine from Michael’s)

And, just to reward those who’ve read all the way to the end, here’s a little sneak peak of the progress made in the laundry room.

Emily Snuffer

As you see, I’ve started with the paint (on the back wall above the cabinets). Isn’t the color amazing?? I promise it is even better (and lighter) in person. I have yet to go purchase the actual gallon to get started but was so excited about finding the right gray I used the sample tester I bought from Home Depot. And no more hideous washer and dryer hook-ups! All details are coming soon (including what I used to make the W/D hook-up cover upper) when the room is done and I break it all down for ya. Almost there! The cabinets are done (after 1 coat of oil-based primer and 4 coats of my favorite latex paint) and are in the annoying 3-5 wait time.

– emily

pssstt… this is old news but is everyone loving the new TOMS eyewear line? I know I am! Rock a pair of cool shades and give sight / glasses to someone in need. I love these.