Naming the Blog Plus Blogging Next Steps

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I’ve been blogging for about two months now and really liking it. It feels great to have a much-needed creative outlet. It’s also nice to visit friends and notice their freshly installed ceiling-to-floor shower curtain. Very cool feeling. There’s just a general feeling of forward momentum with the blog and I can’t help but satisfy those “let’s do more better” urges.

The first “let’s do more better” item is the blog itself. (Another big “do more better” item is focusing and blogging about the changes I’m making to others’ spaces versus my own, which is much more awesome to plan for than blogging platform choices.) As I get more versed in blogging tools, widgets, etc., I’m realizing it’s time to move over to a self-hosted solution. This means no more free blog. The self-hosted option luckily is still affordable (about $50/year) which will allow me greater blogging freedom. Also, a major downside to this free account is that accepting advertising / money / perks is prohibited and since my first real blogging gig starts next month, I need to do the switch-over soon to avoid the reported wrath of WordPress. (The blogging gig is no big deal, but more on that later.)

With web hosting comes a domain name. This is difficult. I have to provide a name immediately, as there is no “Uhmm, can I decide later?” option. I have hundreds of mediocre naming ideas, but only a handful that I’ve gone as far as imagining in the page header. Here they are – I’ve added a nifty poll so you can vote for your favorite. In the advertising world, they call this “crowd-sourcing.”

[polldaddy poll=5051749]

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and hope you will join me in this next adventure. Also, I have a few rooms lined up to re-do this summer (two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room) and if you have room decor drama as well, I’d be happy to help and offer ideas and even paint a wall or two. I do this free of charge because 1.) it’s my hobby and 2.) I’m Emily Snuffer not Emily Henderson.

– emily (snuffer)

p/s: Don’t forget to pick your favorite name, or even better, suggest a new idea.