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Putting Brass on Blast

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Catchy headline, huh? My house currently has a bad case of builder brass – meaning house builders throw some brass up on doors because it’s cheap and shiny. (Newsflash – we don’t like brass!!) And much to our dismay, it is expensive to replace these suckers. I have 7 (omg, SEVEN) sets of brassy door hardware to replace and at $24 a pop to replace a set, it gets expensive. And the last thing I want to do is spend my money on door knobs. Woof! That’s almost 5 gallons of paint! Or TWO Billy’s!

So, I had to get crafty (notice a theme here?). When I was at Home Depot buying spray paint for my air vents I noticed they had Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint! And since spray paint and I are becoming besties lately, I decided to buy two cans and get to work.

Here’s how I started – observe its brassy glory!

Emily Snuffer

And here’s my choice as far as Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint goes. It goes for about $6.50/can at Home Depot:

Emily Snuffer

And a progress shot. To get these suckers to stand up I just punched holes in the cardboard:

Emily Snuffer

Before I show you the official after photo, I must say I was pretty skeptical this would work. I just thought it would look cheap and spray painted. However, it turned out beautifully:

Emily Snuffer

And finally, on the door itself. (Confession – it’s not installed. I’m creeping in the background holding the knob in place while Aaron shot the photo. I’m waiting on the door plate/stop thinga-ma-bobber to dry)

Emily Snuffer

Since this worked out so well, I will be doing the remaining 6 (OMG, SIX) sets of door hardware so if I show up at dinner/work/parties covered in metallic spray paint, you’ll know why. I think it’s worth the cost savings! And the money I saved (to the tune of $155) I can spend on a non-metallic manicure or… more spray paint!

– emily