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Ceiling-to-Floor Shower Curtain

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A ceiling-to-floor shower curtain? What’s this you say? It’s my new “thing” and the blog world seems to agree, with posts popping up over the last few months on the very subject. It’s a great way to add drama and height to your bathroom – not to mention makes your piddly little shower (if you have a stall style like me) feel much larger and grandiose. Since the shower curtain people have yet to jump on this trend bandwagon, it requires some DIY to get one of your very own. The great thing about making one of these yourself is the fabric options are endless. It is super easy (even for me… my crafty level is at a 2/10 I would say… with 10 being Martha Stewart). Read below for all the meaty details.

First, the fabric – I chose Marimekko Lumimarja from Crate and Barrel’s shop. Get this – it’s actually a tablecloth. Nothing too revolutionary but can you imagine my surprise to find that tablecloths (at least at Crate and Barrel) just happen to be sewn to the exact width (60″) as a standard shower curtain? AND they come in several lengths. I chose 108″ to get the floor-to-ceiling effect, knowing I would need to cut off 15″ – 16″. It’s expensive for a tablecloth/shower curtain (pssst…they are on sale on Crate and Barrel until April 27) at $69.95 but with all the money savin’ I’ve been doing lately on house stuff I figured I could splurge on designer fabric, especially if that designer fabric is Marimekko.

Here’s the Marimekko fabric. It’ll look familiar because of this bathroom idea board from a previous post.

Emily Snuffer

Before we go on, let me wax poetic a little bit on Marimekko. I love it. I wish I could afford more of it. There’s not a pattern or designer I don’t like. I wish I could say I was inspired by  Jackie O., who wore Marimekko dresses throughout JFK’s 1960 presidential campaign. Or that it’s a pleasure to own a part of Finnish/design history but for those of you who know me, I’m not that cool. To be honest – the only reason I love Marimekko is because Carrie Bradshaw rocked it all throughout Sex and the City. Oh, those curtains. And do you remember that bikini from Season 2? So awesome.

Are you still with me? Let’s get back to things. I needed to take the tablecloth from 60″ x 108″ to 60″ x 92″ so I had some cutting and hemming to do. Because my width was perfect I only needed to hem the bottom. Woo hoo! I used my no-sew tape and got to work, measuring three times to make sure I was straight.

Shower Curtain DIY

With the fabric and hem work cooling, I installed the shower curtain rod. This step is easy. I used a normal tension rod in oil-rubbed bronze I tracked down at Bed Bath & Beyond. I was going to spray my existing rod, but I figured the constant friction on the rod would give me problems (that’s what she said) so I forked over $15 for a new one. Here is how that looked:

Shower Curtain DIY

The next part is ALSO easy and the best part – hanging up the new shower curtain! Here she is! I am trying to keep my shots tight because 1.) it’s a small bathroom and 2.) I don’t want to reveal the rest of the bathroom re-do.

Shower Curtain DIY

Oooo aaahhh. And some more pictures for me you to look at:

Shower Curtain DIY

Shower Curtain DIY

Very easy. Total time was probably two hours. Total dollars spent was $105 with the tablecloth ($70), the curtain rings ($20 – I needed two packs) and the tension rod ($15). I already had the no-sew tape on hand. For those of you freaking out about shower liner details, Bed Bath & Beyond carries an extra long model (84″) which should do the trick. It worked perfectly for me.

Let me know if you’ve decided to up the height on your shower curtain. I would love to see pictures!

Have a great day and pssst… my birthday is only 4 days away! Yay!

– emily